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ESD Chair & Stool

Anti-static Stool

Anti-static stool
Color:Silver Black,Blue
Seat Material:PU or Stainless Steel
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Anti-static stool

1.ESD stool Specifications




Seat Size:450*420mm

Seat Height:450mm

Back Size:430*360mm

Whole Size:450*430*760mm

Seat and back material:ESD plastic

Foot material:22mm Steel Pipe Foot,

(Also have harder 25mm Steel Pipe Foot,Price will be a little higher)

●Our Anti-static work chair can pass the test, long-held anti-static

Surface resistance and system resistance are 10e6-10e9Ω

Main material:

Conductive PP plastic, anti-static PU/PVC leather, PU foam material, metal four-leg bracket, metal lifting rod, anti-static wheel and so on.

●Applications:Cleanroom, electronics workshop, semiconductor precision electronics, EPA, etc.

2.Workshop special anti-static chair anti-static principle

Grounding is the direct discharge of static electricity through a wire connection to the earth. This is the most direct measure of anti-static measures. For conductors, grounding methods are commonly used, such as artificial wrist straps with anti-static wrist straps and work surface grounding.

Grounding is implemented by the following methods:

1) The human body is grounded through the wrist strap.

2) The human body is grounded through anti-static shoes (or shoelaces) and anti-static floor.

3) The work surface is grounded.

4) Test equipment, tool holder, soldering iron grounding.

5) Anti-static floor and grounding mat.

6) Anti-static transfer vehicles, boxes, and racks should be grounded as much as possible.

7) Earth the anti-static chair or anti-static stool.

3. Anti-static chair images display

esd stool.JPGanti static chair.JPGesd anti-static stool.JPG

4.Payment Terms

esd products payment.jpg



1.Why should we buy an anti-static chair or esd stool?

Anti-static chair is necessary for many companies. It uses ESD cushions, backrests and metal accessories and other structures to effectively discharge static electricity to the ground, with very good ESD electrostatic discharge performance, to meet the protection of clean room Static electricity and purification standards.

2.What are the test methods for anti-static chairs?

Point to point resistance and system resistance test:

Electrode structure used: column electrode diameter 63 mm ± 3 mm: electrode material is stainless steel or copper; electrode contact material conductive rubber, hardness 60 ± 10 (Shore A grade), thickness 6mm ± 1mm, the volume resistance is less than 500Ω: The electrode weight is 2.25 kg to 2.5 kg.

When testing point-to-point resistance, the product (material) should be placed on an insulating surface or placed in an actual state of use. Mesa surface resistance and volume resistance are greater than 1x10^13Ω, respectively, and their geometrical perimeter dimensions are larger than the measured material 10 cm. The distance between the electrodes is 300 mm. In the ground test, the distance between the electrodes is 900 mm to 1000 mm.

6. Packing & Shipping

10pc/Carton,Carton size:40cm*30cm*50cm.Gross weight:30kgs.

esd products delivery.JPG

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