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ESD Chair & Stool

ESD Chair With Foot Rest Ring

ESD chair with foot rest ring
Material:Black or Blue pu leather
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ESD chair with foot rest ring

1.ESD chair with foot rest ring Specifications


●Color:Black or Blue

●Styles:chair with foot rest ring

●Seat and back material:ESD PU leather

●Seat Size:430*400mm

●Seat Height:450mm

●Back Size:400*300mm

●Adjustable air spring:gas shocks

●ESD function:ESD permanent

●System Resistance:10e5-10e7 OHM.

●ESD workplace chair casters or cups: anti-static plastic casters/cups,ESD aluminum casters/cups and so on.

●Applications:Cleanroom, electronics workshop, semiconductor precision electronics, EPA(Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area), etc.

2.Catalogue for all our Anti-static chairs

ESD CHAIR Catalogue.jpg

3.What kind of industry is anti-static products mainly used?

Anti-static products can be used in many industries. Only anti-static products are required for anti-static products. Semiconductor production lines, circuit board production lines, major electronics factories, electronic communications, aerospace, biomedical, food, chemical, equipment precision instruments, dust-free workshops and laboratories.

We can also explain from the perspective of electrostatic hazard:

1) In the oil, coal, shipping, flour, military, textile and other industries, electrostatic discharge causes fire;

2) In the electronics, communications, semiconductor, optical and other industries, static electricity may cause breakdown of products;

3) In the biopharmaceutical, medical and health, semiconductor, microelectronics industries, static electricity may cause product contamination;

4) In precision instruments and communication facilities, static electricity may interfere with the normal operation of the equipment.

4.ESD chair with foot rest ring images display

EC1109.jpgesd chair five foot star.jpg

anti static chair.JPG


1)What are the advantages of the ESD chair with foot rest ring?

Anti-static chairs are widely used in electronic production workshops, laboratories, dust-free workshops, etc. because of their anti-static functions. Moreover, the anti-static chair has the advantages of bending resistance, anti-aging, and high bearing strength.

2)What's the lead time for your antistatic chair?

1-3 days,Always have stocks for sell.

3)What's the parts for Anti-static PU leather chair?

The anti-static chair is basically composed of three parts: an anti-static chair. Anti-static chair support part, anti-static chair caster rubber cup consists of three parts.

6.Payment Terms


Payment and delivery.jpg

7.Packing Information:

30 sets,Gross weight:200kgs.Volume:1.8CBM.(One Wooden box on One Pallet)

50 sets.Gross weight:335kgs.Volume:3.2CBM.(Two Wooden boxes on Two Pallets)

Small order by air express such as DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT.....

Large order by ship.

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