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ESD Industrial Chair

ESD Industrial Chair
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ESD Industrial Chair

1.ESD chair Specifications


●Color:Black or Blue


●Seat Size:430*400mm

●Seat Height:450mm

●Back Size:400*300mm

●Seat and back material:Conductive PU leather

●ESD function:ESD permanent

●System Resistance:10e5-10e7 OHM.

●Main material for ESD chairs

anti-static PU leather, PU foam material, anti-static plastic casters,ESD aluminum casters and so on.

●Applications:Cleanroom, electronics workshop, semiconductor precision electronics, EPA(Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area), etc.

2.Configuration of ESD Industrial Chair

Back: Size A (large board): 400*360mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance: 10^4-10^7 ohm;

         Size B (small board): 400*300mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance: 10^4-10^7 ohm;

Seat: Size A (large board): 400*480mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance:10^5-10^7 ohm;

         Size B (small board): 400*360mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance:10^4-10^7 ohm;

Lifting bar:Gas shocks.

Five-star foot:carbon steel chrome, diameter 25mm,or aluminum five-star foot.

Foot wheel:ESD plastic casters,ESD plastic cup,ESD aluminum casters,ESD aluminum cup.

The whole chair system resistance: 10e5-10e7 ohms;

ESD Industrial chair.jpg

3. ESD Industrial Chair images display


4.Payment Terms


Payment and delivery.jpg

Packing Information:

30 sets,Gross weight:200kgs.Volume:1.8CBM.(One Wooden box on One Pallet)

50 sets.Gross weight:335kgs.Volume:3.2CBM.(Two Wooden boxes on Two Pallets)

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