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ESD Office Chair

ESD office chair
Material:ESD PU foam
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PU foam ESD office chair(small back)

1.ESD office chair parameters




●Seat and back material:ESD PU Foam

●Seat: PU foam one-time handle handle, size: 300*350MM, thickness: 40MM;

●Chassis: steel plating or spray molding;

●System resistance: 106-109 ohms;

●Adjustable height range: about 480MM-630MM (with wheels), 450-600MM (with foot cups)

●Configuration: carbon steel chrome five-star foot, high-strength wear-resistant nylon casters (foot cup), metal conductive chain



Carbon steel electroplating five-star foot high-strength nylon wheel / foot cup metal conductive chain PU foaming chair applicable range:electronic appliances, high-tech industry, clean room workshop, optical optoelectronics, LCD liquid crystal display, mobile communication, IT, semiconductor, bioengineering, medical and health, food, precision instruments, aerospace, fine chemicals, automobile manufacturing, LED lighting and other static sensitive industries


1. Can be backrest, U-shaped backrest design, more ergonomic design, 3D three-dimensional sense is super good, sitting for a long time buttocks are not sore, very comfortable.

2. Adjustable height. With a high-quality chair height, you can use your hand as you like, and you want to adjust how high and how high.

3. Reinforcement ring, using 4 pieces of stereo fixed-point reinforcement design, stepping on the work, the feet are more comfortable.

4. Select anti-static casters. Castors made from one quality material can be rotated 360 degrees.

4.ESD office chair images displayanti static stool.jpg


Q1,How fast can I get the quotation for the esd office chair?

We usually make an offer within 1 hour after we get your inquiry. It takes 9 hours if your inquiry hit our email at our free time.

Q2,How can I get a sample to check your quality?

After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.

If our samples can not be provided free, we will charge for the sample cost..But the sample cost can be refundable after order.

Q3,What about the leadtime of PU foam ESD stool(small back) sample?

It takes 2-3 days after your samples confirmation.

6.Payment Terms


esd products payment.jpg

7.Packing Information:

For ESD stools

30 sets,Gross weight:200kgs.Volume:1.8CBM.(One Wooden box on One Pallet)

50 sets.Gross weight:335kgs.Volume:3.2CBM.(Two Wooden boxes on Two Pallets)

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