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ESD Chair & Stool

ESD Plastic Chair

ESD plastic chair/stool
Style:Chair or Stool
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ESD plastic chair

1.ESD plastic chair Specifications




Seat Size:430*420mm

Seat Height:450mm

Back Size:430*360mm

Seat and back material:ESD plastic

Foot material:22mm Steel Pipe Foot,

(Also have harder 25mm Steel Pipe Foot,Price will be a little higher)

System Resistance:10e6-10e9 OHM.

Main material:

Conductive PP plastic, anti-static PU/PVC leather, PU foam material, metal four-leg bracket, metal lifting rod, anti-static wheel and so on.

●Applications:Cleanroom, electronics workshop, semiconductor precision electronics, EPA, etc.

2.Features of ESD plastic chair

ESD chairs for use in Cleanroom and EPA (Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area)

A chair should be selected based on the specifications and needs of the environment. Those who work in ESD controlled areas must use ESD protected chairs, which are available with upholstered seats. Chairs used in environments such as clean rooms must be durable and easy to clean. In these cases, a esd plastic chair is a good choice.

Anti-static chair,surface high strength and high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fission resistance, heat dissipation, breathable, comfortable texture, Suitable for anti-static requirements of the environment and 10,000 clean room.

Anti-static chair main purpose is to eliminate static electricity, a large number of electronic production workshops, laboratories, clean room. Anti-static chair in addition to the function of ordinary chair, but also has anti-static function, it is through its own anti-static materials, anti-static wheels, grounding chain, anti-static floor, grounding systems and other supporting facilities to discharge static electricity to achieve.

3. Anti-static chair images display

esd plastic chair.jpgESD Plastic stools.JPG

4.Payment Terms

esd products payment.jpg

5. Packing & Shipping

10pc/Carton,Carton size:40cm*30cm*50cm.Gross weight:30kgs.

esd products delivery.JPG

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