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ESD Chair & Stool

ESD Seating For Industrial

ESD Seating for Industrial
Style:ESD chair with foot rest
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ESD Seating for Industrial 

1.ESD Seating Specifications


●Color:Black or Blue

●Styles:esd chair with foot rest

●Seat Size:430*400mm

●Seat Height:450mm

●Back Size:400*300mm

●Foot rest ring size:520mm

●Seat and back material:Conductive PU leather

●ESD function:ESD permanent

●System Resistance:10e5-10e7 OHM.

●Main material for ESD chairs

anti-static PU leather,anti-static plastic casters,ESD aluminum casters and so on.

●Applications:Cleanroom, electronics workshop, semiconductor precision electronics, EPA(Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area), etc.

2.Configuration of antistatic chair

Back: Size A (large board): 400*360mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance: 10^4-10^7 ohm;

         Size B (small board): 400*300mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance: 10^4-10^7 ohm;

Seat: Size A (large board): 400*480mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance:10^5-10^7 ohm;

         Size B (small board): 400*360mm, anti-static PU leather, anti-static resistance:10^4-10^7 ohm;

Lifting bar:Gas shocks.

Five-star foot:carbon steel chrome, diameter 25mm,or aluminum five-star foot.

Foot wheel:ESD plastic casters,ESD plastic cup,ESD aluminum casters,ESD aluminum cup.

The whole chair system resistance: 10e5-10e7 ohms

3.Anti-static chair function and use

Anti-static chairs are widely used in electronic production workshops, laboratories, dust-free workshops, etc. because of their anti-static functions. Moreover, the anti-static chair has the advantages of bending resistance, anti-aging, and high bearing strength.

Eliminate static electricity and use it in electronics workshops, laboratories, and dust-free workshops.

Anti-static chair features:

The chair has high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fission resistance, heat dissipation and ventilation, comfortable texture, suitable environment for anti-static requirements, 10,000-class clean room, and alcohol resistance (PVC only).

4.ESD Seating for Industrial Images Display


1)Why to choose us?

We are a 10 years manufacturer and exporter of various ESD & Cleanroom products

Honest but competitive price and Quality assured quotation

100% QC inspection before shipment 

Prompt delivery

2)Why is We need esd products?

Harm of static electricity:Electrostatic discharge occurs very quickly with high intensity, and usually generates a powerful heat to melt the internal circuitry of the semiconductor chip. Under the electron microscope, the appearance looks like a small bullet hole to the outside, causing prompt and irreversible damage. However, only one-tenth of this hazard occurs during the post-zui testing. What's more serious is that in the other 90% of cases, the electrostatic damage only causes partial degradation, which means that the damaged components can pass the test without any notice, but only after the finished product is delivered to the customer, there is a premature on-site failure. The result is that if Zui loses its reputation, it will compensate a manufacturer for any manufacturing defects, and the economic loss will be considerable. The electrostatic hazard is so great, so it's important to say that ESD protection is not a business, and it must be done.

6.Payment Terms


Payment and delivery.jpg

Packing Information:

30 sets,Gross weight:200kgs.Volume:1.8CBM.(One Wooden box on One Pallet)

50 sets.Gross weight:335kgs.Volume:3.2CBM.(Two Wooden boxes on Two Pallets)

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