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ESD Chair & Stool

ESD Workplace Seating

ESD Workplace Seating
Color:Black or Blue
Material:PU leather
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ESD Workplace Seating With Footrest Ring

1.ESD Stool Specifications


●Color:Black or Blue

●Styles:chair with footrest ring

●Seat material:ESD PU leather

●Seat Size:Dia 360mm.

●Seat Height:450mm

●Adjustable air spring:gas shocks

●ESD function:ESD permanent

●System Resistance:10e5-10e7 OHM.

●ESD workplace seating casters or cups: anti-static plastic casters/cups,ESD aluminum casters/cups and so on.

●Applications:Cleanroom, electronics workshop, semiconductor precision electronics, EPA(Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area), etc.

2.Catalogue for all our Anti-static chairs and stools

ESD CHAIR Catalogue.jpg

3.How to prevent static electricity from ESD Workplace Seating

ESD Workplace Seating is a must for many enterprises. It uses ESD seat cushion, backrest and metal fittings to effectively discharge static electricity to the ground. It has very good ESD static discharge performance and can meet the clean room cleaning. standard. However, many people have certain misunderstandings about anti-static chairs. Many people think that only the anti-static chair's drag chain can play an anti-static role. If there is no grounded chain, the anti-static chair will be like an ordinary chair, and it will not play any role. In fact, it is not true. The good anti-static chair of Yatong is not only the grounding chain can play the role of static discharge. Its five foot cups or casters are enough to achieve the effect of discharging static electricity. The foot cup or caster is made of conductive. Made of nylon material, grounded at five points, discharge static electricity, can achieve the same effect as the drag chain, and more convenient and beautiful.

4.ESD Workplace Seating images display

esd anti-static stool.JPG

esd chair five foot star.jpg

anti static chair.JPG


1)What are the advantages of the ESD stool with foot rest ring?

Leather surface: soft and comfortable, breathable and not tired.

Injection molding surface: cheap price;

Stainless steel: beautiful appearance and good cleanliness.

Caster models: easy to move, no wear and tear on the ground;

Foot cup: relatively fixed;

Reinforcement: strong load-bearing capacity and long service life;

Heightening: Adapting to high work surface operation

2)What's the lead time for your antistatic stools?

2-3 days,Always have stocks for sell.

3)Is the anti-static stool of the electronics workshop staff customized or finished?

This needs to be decided according to your own situation. If you have higher requirements, you can choose to customize (custom can be customized according to the material style and color you want), but you need to give a certain time to produce. Now the achievement is that the manufacturer has a certain inventory in batch production. Both have their own benefits.

6.Payment Terms


Payment and delivery.jpg

7.Packing Information:

30 sets,Gross weight:200kgs.Volume:1.8CBM.(One Wooden box on One Pallet)

50 sets.Gross weight:335kgs.Volume:3.2CBM.(Two Wooden boxes on Two Pallets)

Small order by air express such as DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT.....

Large order by ship.

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