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5mm Grid Esd Fabric

5mm Grid Esd Fabric
Model:GT3030 Color and model:on color panel
Type:5mm grid
Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
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Facotry supply colorful 5mm Grid Esd Fabric

1.5mm Grid Esd Fabric specifications


2.The principle of anti-static fabric

Anti-static fabrics, also known as anti-static fabrics, use physical principles to achieve anti-static properties by releasing and neutralizing the charge.

Static electricity is what happens when objects are separated for a long time after contact. Basically, all objects will generate static electricity when they are in contact. Especially, objects that are easy to electrify will generate a lot of static electricity. The greater the resistance of the surface of the fabric, the longer the charge half-life. By reducing the fabric specific resistance to a certain level, it can prevent static electricity. Anti-static fabric is a special fabric made according to this principle. The main raw materials for anti-static fabrics are sub-conductive fibers, stainless steel fibers, anti-static synthetic fibers, etc. These materials can quickly eliminate static electricity. These materials are blended with blended fabric or polyester-cotton, which is an anti-static fabric.

3.5mm Grid Esd Fabric images

GRID anti-static fabric5MM GRID ESD FABRIC

4.ESD anti-static fabric application

application of esd grid fabric

5.Payment Terms and Delivery

esd products payment


1)What is a permanent esd fabric?

Add conductive components to the filaments, or add antistatic filaments with permanent antistatic properties when spinning or weaving to achieve permanent antistatic properties. However, in the second method, the method of adding other antistatic wires may cause problems in the antistatic of the product due to the breakage of the antistatic wire, so the fabric woven with the fiber yarn with permanent antistatic effect should be a true permanent resistance. Electrostatic fabric.

2)Characteristics of 5mm Grid Esd Fabric 

  1. Excellent anti-static performance, permanent, unaffected at low temperatures, friction voltage as low as 20V or less.

  2. The garment itself is not dusty or sticky, and can effectively sterilize and inhibit bacteria.

  3. good dustproof, can be used for 10-10,000 clean room.

  4. durability, washability, wear resistance and stability.

3)What's the Certifications of our esd fabric?

Certification for esd bag

7.Package and delivery

package for esd fabric





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