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5mm Strip ESD Cloth

5mm Strip ESD Cloth
Color and model:on color panel
Type:5mm strip
Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
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Super competitive price 5mm Strip ESD Cloth

1.5mm Strip Esd Cloth specifications

●Conductive fiber: Strip space 5mm, 2.5mm

●Standard Size:1.5m*100m per roll.

●Weight:108 sgm

●Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
●Charge density:1.2uc/m
●Friction voltage: <300V
●Applicable Class:Cleanroom class 10-10000

●ESD fabric can be used to make esd garment,esd coverall,esd cap,esd jacket,esd smocks etc.

2.How to choose Anti-static fabric color choice

  • For anti-static clothing, I think everyone knows it is basically comprehensive. With the continuous improvement of technical requirements, the anti-static clothing application industry is also more and more extensive. When you choose custom anti-static clothing, you can not only in style. Choose anti-static big smash, anti-static split suit, anti-static jumpsuit, there are many choices in color.

  • Color, influenced by people's preferences, gives people different senses, affects people's mood, and indirectly affects work efficiency.In terms of color selection, it is recommended to use a uniform color in a company, or to distinguish between male and female employees.

  • Depending on the season, you can use a cool-colored anti-static suit in the summer and a warm-colored anti-static suit in the winter. This will make people more cool in the summer and a little warmer in the winter. In general, the choice of white, light blue anti-static clothing customers, this color is simple and bright, unisex, can also easily find dirt in a clean environment.

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4.Quality of ESD anti-static cloth

The most basic function of anti-static clothing is anti-static, dust-free, and strong filterability. Today, I mainly talk about anti-static. First of all, I want to say what is the impact of static electricity, causing damage to our working environment. Electromagnetic interference is generated, resulting in incorrect precision equipment. Attracting particles, causing contamination of the surface and environment of the product. Static sparks are generated, causing explosions of flammable and explosive materials.

The reason why anti-static clothing is anti-static is mainly due to the fabric. Nowadays, the anti-static fabric on the market is made of polyester fiber and added with conductive fiber. The conductive fibers added by our anti-static fabrics are all electrically conductive, not like the conductive filaments of other manufacturers. So the price will be relatively high, please do not worry about why our price is higher than other homes.

5.Payment Terms and Delivery

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1) What are the types of antistatic fabrics?

5mm strip,5mm grid,2.5mm grid polyester esd fabric,

2)Why are some antistatic fabric parameter tests unstable?

There are two reasons for testing the surface resistance of anti-static fabrics. First, the anti-static performance of the fabric is not good. Now there are many shoddy merchants on the market, and the customers are tempted by low prices. This is also the purchaser’s purchase in order to buy cheaper. Poor products, the second is the poor contact between the tester and the surface of the fabric during the test, can increase the pressure multiple times, multiple tests.

7.Package and delivery

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