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Antistatic Fabric

ESD Fabric
3.Color:Check our color panel for choose.
4.Material:Polyester with conductive wires.
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Antistatic Fabric

1.Antistatic fabric specifications

Name:5mm Stripe and 5mm grid ESD Fabric

Material:99% polyester +1% conductive fiber for 5mm strip

              98% polyester +2% conductive fiber for 5mm grid.

Fabric Polyester conductive silk Shikibo (Japan)

Conductive fiber: Stripe spacing 10mm, 5mm and so on.

ESD polyester fabric series:100D*100D
Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
Charge density:1.2uc/m
Friction voltage: <300V
Dust-proof rate: 92%-95%
Applicable Class: Class 1000-10000


2.Introduction of Anti-static polyester fabric

Anti-static fabrics are also called esd polyester fabrics. Its elimination is based on the charge release and neutralization mechanisms. When grounded, the static electricity on the fabric is neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber, and can also be discharged through the conductive fiber to the ground; when it is not grounded, it is eliminated by means of a weak corona discharge of the conductive fiber.

Principle:Corona discharge
The local self-sustained discharge of gaseous media in an inhomogeneous electric field is the most common form of gas discharge. It is near the tip electrode with a large radius of curvature. Since the local electric field intensity exceeds the ionization field strength of the gas, the gas is ionized and excited, and thus corona discharge occurs. When a corona occurs, light can be seen around the electrode, along with a buzzing sound.

3.Material for ESD anti-static fabric

1. Anti-static polyester fabric.
2. Anti-static TC fabric.
3. Anti-static TR fabric.
4. Anti-static CVC fabrics and so on.
5. Anti-static cotton fabric
Anti-static polyester fabric.Material: Polyester used as the main body.
Dedicated polyester filaments and high-performance permanent conductive fibers are woven by a special process in the form of warp inlaid or warp and weft inlaid
Conductive fiber.
Performance: The garments made of this kind of fabric by special sewing process have excellent anti-static and dust-proof properties, and are highly efficient and durable.
With soft, thin, clear texture features.
It is mainly used for making dustproof clothing and antistatic clothing.
Conductive fiber: Stripe spacing 10mm, 5mm and so on.
Grid type spacing 5mm, 2.5mm and so on.
Fabric width 1.5m.

4.Product Usage:
Anti-static fabric is suitable for making esd work clothing,esd uniforms,esd smocks,esd garment,esd jacket,esd coveral,ESD shoes,ESD boots in explosive industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal stations, gas stations, oil tankers, and pharmaceuticals, automobiles, precision instruments, microelectronics, food, aerospace, etc.Different types of fabrics are suitable for different anti-static requirements or clean environments.


5. Anti-static fabric detailed images:

 esd anti static fabric.jpgesd grid fabric.jpgesd material.jpg

6.Anti-static esd fabric producing and packaging line

esd anti-static fabric.jpg

7.Payment Terms

esd products payment.jpg

8. FAQ

1) What's the standard length of your esd fabric?

Around 130m,but 1m more or less

2) What's the material of esd anti-static fabric?

Polyester and Conductive wire.

3)Do you have any cotton material esd for making esd polo shirt?

Yes,we also have POLO esd shirt for sell.

4)What's your lead time for regular color of esd fabric?

Lead time:1-3 days.

5)What do you mean 5mm strip or 5mm grid?

It means the distance between two conductive wire is 5mm.


9.Packing & Shipping info:

Package:1roll/pe bag,100pcs/carton.Carton size:1.5m*20cm*20cm

Gross weight:20kgs.80-100 cartons per pallet.

Delivery:By ship for bulk order.By air express for small order.

esd products delivery.JPG








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