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ESD Anti-static Shirt

ESD T shirt/ESD POLO shirt Model: C0105 Brand: OEM Collar:round neck...
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ESD anti-static shirt

1.ESD T- Shirt Specifications

●Name:ESD anti-static shirt

●Brand: OEM

●Model: C0105

●Collar:round collar

●Unisex Design

●Breast pocket with ESD logo /with pocket(ESD logo on packet)

●Short sleeves(long sleeves available)

●Available colors:Blue,grey,white,other customized color based on MOQ 600PCS.

●Antistatic Fabric 97% cotton,3% conductive fibers


●Surface resistance :106~109Ohm


●Size:S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXL,Optional (2XL-5XL)Available in all sizes

●OEM:Special design, sizes, colors and your LOGO embroidery are available upon request.

Pocket/Cuff Position and ESD/CPA Logo Available

●Applications:Cleanroom, electronics workshop, semiconductor precision electronics, EPA, etc.

2.Features of ESD T shirt fabric

ESD T shirt for use in Cleanroom and EPA (Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area)

Design:5mm Strap conductive fiber.(Horizontal straps)

Antistatic Fabric 97% cotton,3% conductive fibers

3.Why ESD shirt is anti-static?

Anti-static clothes: It is a kind of special work clothing with dust-free and anti-static properties applicable to electronics, optical instruments, pharmaceuticals, microbiology engineering, precision instruments and other industries. Its cloth is generally a synthetic fiber fabric with embedded conductive threads.

Anti-static principle:

Anti-static clothes work clothes refer to work clothes that are sewn with anti-static fabrics to prevent static electricity from accumulating on clothing. The antistatic fabric is a fabric formed by mixing electrically conductive fibers or antistatic synthetic fibers or a mixture of both of them at substantially equal intervals or evenly during spinning. The conductive fiber refers to a generic name of a fiber made of a conductive material or a sub-conductive material using all or part of a metal or an organic material, and has a volume resistivity ρv 介于between 104 and 109 Ω/cm. According to the distribution of the conductive component in the fiber, the conductive fiber can be divided into three types: a conductive component uniform type, a conductive component overlay type, and a conductive component composite type. At present, the vast majority of anti-static fabrics are made of conductive fibers, and in particular, composites of conductive components are used, that is, composite fibers are the most used.

The antistatic clothing made of conductive fibers in chemical fabrics is based on the mechanism of charge leakage and neutralization. When grounded, the static electricity on the fabric is neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber, and can also be discharged through the conductive fiber to the ground; when it is not grounded, it is eliminated by means of a weak corona discharge of the conductive fiber.

4. ESD shirt images display

esd clothes.pnganti-static shirt.jpgesd polo shirt (2).jpg

5.Payment Terms

esd products payment.jpg

6. Packing & Shipping

1pc/PE bag,100pcs/Carton,Carton size:40cm*30cm*50cm.Gross weight:30kgs.

esd products delivery.JPG

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