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ESD Cloth Material

ESD Cloth Material
1.ColorCheck our esd fabric color panel
3.Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
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Colorful ESD Cloth Material--Strap and Grid type availabe

1.Polyester antistatic esd fabric specifications

Product name: 

polyester antistatic esd fabric

Criteria of Inspection:



98% Polyester +2%Conductive fiber

Yarn count:








Surface Resistance: 


Color fastness:


dust-proof rate


dust-proof class/grade


Conductive yard:

black Carbon and metal oxide


2.ESD cloth material classification

●ESD polyester fabric,5mm strip material:99% polyester+1%conductive fiber

●ESD polyester fabric,5mm grid material:98% polyester+2%conductive fiber

3.Anti-static cloth introduction

1. Anti-static 0.5 stripe fabric

0.5 stripe fabric is suitable for some food processing plants, electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc. and other places where the effect is not so strict, suitable for working environment with low sensitivity of electronic components.

2. Anti-static 0.5 grid fabric

0.5 mesh cloth has good conductivity, easy connection and good ESD effect. It is mostly used in electronics industry, such as packaging factory, electronic parts processing factory, semiconductor factory, precision industry, optoelectronic industry, industry that requires good ESD effect, suitable for electronic A highly sensitive working environment.

3. Anti-static 0.25 grid fabric

Small grid with smaller spacing of conductive yarns and higher density of fabrics, the yarn has extremely low frictional band voltage, and its conductivity is better. It is suitable for industries with high electronic sensitivity and better cleanliness and stricter industry. 

Although anti-static clothing is not worn much everyday, in a professional working environment, safety is very important for everyone, so anti-static clothing is very important. Under special working conditions, professional wear can be certain. To the extent that you are safe.


4.ESD cloth material images

5.Payment Terms and Delivery

Payment,TT,Western Union are available for your choose.

Payment and delivery


1)What payment terms and mothod can you accept?

Payment Terms:20% down payment and balance before shipment.

Payment Method:Wire Transfer,Western Union,Paypal, L/C,Cash

2)How long have you manufacturing and exporting esd products?

More than 10 years.We have our own factory producing esd mat,esd pvc curtain,esd stationery!

3)What esd clothes can we make by your esd cloth material?

This kind of ESD polyester cloth can be used to make esd garment,esd apron,esd lab coat,esd jacket,esd smocks etc.







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