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ESD Fabric For Workwear

ESD fabric for workwear
1.Color and model:Check our esd fabric panel
3.Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
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ESD fabric for workwear

1.ESD fabric for workwear specifications

●Name:antistatic fabric for workwear

●Conductive fiber: Stripe spacing 10mm, 5mm and so on.

●Standard Size:1.5m*100m per roll.

●Weight:150 sgm for thin TC fabric,250 sgm for thick TC fabric.

●Color Fastness: dry rubbing fastness :4-5   wet rubbing fastness:3-4  (this based on light color)

●Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
●Charge density:1.2uc/m
●Friction voltage: <300V
●Applicable Class:Cleanroom class 10-10000

●ESD fabric can be used to make esd garment,esd polo shirt,esd lab coat,esd jacket,esd smocks etc.

 anti static fabric for esd garment.jpg

2.ESD Fabric Materials classification

●ESD TC fabric,10mm strip material:65% polyester +35% cotton+1%conductive fiber

●ESD TC fabric,10mm grid material:65% polyester +35% cotton+2%conductive fiber

●ESD polyester fabric,5mm strip material:99% polyester+1%conductive fiber

●ESD polyester fabric,5mm grid material:98% polyester+2%conductive fiber

3.Anti static fabric corona discharge principle

Anti-static fabric is also called anti-static fabric, referred to as anti-static cloth. Its power dissipation is based on two mechanisms of charge release and neutralization. When grounded, the static electricity on the fabric is neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber, and can also be discharged to the earth via the conductive fiber; when it is not grounded, it is de-energized by the weak corona discharge of the conductive fiber.

Corona discharge, a local self-sustained discharge of a gaseous medium in an inhomogeneous electric field, is the most common form of gas discharge. It is in the vicinity of the tip electrode with a large radius of curvature. Since the local electric field strength exceeds the ionization field strength of the gas, the gas is ionized and excited, and corona discharge occurs. When corona occurs, light can be seen around the electrodes with a click.


4.ESD fabric for workwear images

5.ESD Fabric for workwear producing and packaging line

esd anti-static fabric.jpg

6.Payment Terms and Delivery

Payment and delivery.jpg


1)Why to choose us?

We are a 10 years manufacturer and exporter of various ESD & Cleanroom products

Honest but competitive price and Quality assured quotation

100% QC inspection before shipment 

Prompt delivery

2)How long have you manufacturing and exporting esd products?

More than 10 years.We have our own factory producing esd mat,esd pvc curtain,esd stationery!

3)What esd clothing can we make by your antistatic fabric?

ESD fabric can be used to make esd garment,esd polo shirt,esd lab coat,esd jacket,esd smocks etc.







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