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ESD Polyester Fabric

ESD polyester fabric
3.Color:Check our color panel for choose.
4.Material:Polyester with conductive wires.
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5mm strip ESD polyester fabric

1.5mm polyester ESD Fabric specifications

5mm polyester esd fabric


2.The role of Anti-static polyester fabric

1. Excellent anti-static performance, permanent and washable.

2, can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body, eliminate the unpleasant feeling caused by static electricity when the human body moves or wears off.

3, can eliminate the clothes caused by static electricity, tangles, not easy to dust, resistant to dirt and easy to wash.

4. In the electronics, instrumentation and other industries, it can prevent the damage and aging of electronic components caused by static electricity; in the petrochemical industry, it can prevent the danger of burning and explosion caused by static electricity.

3.The color difference of anti-static fabric

The color difference of anti-static fabric is one of the important factors affecting the quality of finished products. In the process of production, sale and use of anti-static clothing, the color difference of the clothing can be often seen. This problem seriously affects the performance of the overalls, which affects the external beauty of the anti-static clothing. Here, for customers who purchase anti-static overalls, it is understandable that the color difference of anti-static fabrics is justifiable, because each batch of anti-static cloth is dyed by the cylinder and then singed and processed. The product may differ from the color of the products produced in the whole process. It is impossible to achieve the same color as the sample to be ordered. It is an ideal state.

The color difference problem of anti-static clothing is mainly caused by the color difference of the fabric. If the color difference of the fabric is less, the problem of the color difference of the produced clothing will be less. However, some fabric color difference problems can be overcome or reduced the severity of chromatic aberration in the garment production process. Some fabric color difference problems are difficult to overcome, while for polyester/cotton fabrics, the color difference grade is 3~4, and the cotton fabric is 2~3. level. These are qualified within the specified range.


4. Anti-static fabric detailed images:


5.SGS and CE certification for ESD fabric

Certification for esd bag

6.Payment Terms

esd products payment.jpg

7. FAQ

1)What's the roll size for esd fabric?

1.5m*100m per roll

2)What are the uses of antistatic fabrics?

Anti-static fabric is anti-static processing fabric, widely used in petroleum industry; mining and metallurgy industry; chemical industry; electronics industry; special industry, such as: atomic energy, aerospace, weapons, and other industries, such as: food, fireworks , medicine, etc.


8.Packing & Shipping info:

esd fabric package








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