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ESD TC Fabric

ESD TC fabric
3.Color:Check our color panel for choose.
4.Material:ESD TC 65/35
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10mm Grid or Strip ESD TC fabric

1.ESD TC fabric specifications

Name:10mm Stripe and 10mm grid antistatic fabric for workwear

10mm strip material:65% polyester +35% cotton+1%conductive fiber

10mm grid material:65% polyester +35% cotton+2%conductive fiber

Conductive fiber: Stripe spacing 10mm, 5mm and so on.

Standard Size:1.5m*100m per roll.

Weight:150 sgm for thin TC fabric,250 sgm for thick TC fabric.
ESD TC fabric series:TC 65/35 32+A*32 130*70 57/58 twill

Color Fastness: dry rubbing fastness :4-5   wet rubbing fastness:3-4  (this based on light color)

Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
Charge density:1.2uc/m
Friction voltage: <300V
Applicable Class:Cleanroom class 10-10000


2.Introduction of anti static TC fabric

Anti-static clothes work clothes are work clothes that are sewn with anti-static fabric as a fabric to prevent static electricity accumulation on the clothing. The anti-static fabric is mixed with conductive fibers or anti-static synthetic fibers at substantially equal intervals or evenly during weaving. Or a fabric in which the two are mixed and interwoven. The conductive fiber is a general term for fibers made of a conductive material or a subconductive material using metal or organic materials in whole or in part, and has a volume resistivity ρv ~ between 104 and 109 Ω/cm. According to the distribution of conductive components in the fiber, the conductive fibers can be divided into three types: conductive component uniform type, conductive component covering type and conductive component composite type. At present, most antistatic fabrics are made of conductive fibers. Among them, the conductive component composite type, that is, the composite fiber is used most.

Anti-static overalls made of conductive fibers are added to chemical fiber fabrics. The power-dissipation is based on two mechanisms of charge leakage and neutralization. When grounded, the static electricity on the fabric is neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fibers. It can also be discharged to the earth via conductive fibers; when it is not grounded, it can be discharged by means of weak corona discharge of conductive fibers.

3.Recommended cleaning process for ESD clothes

The carbon filament nylon used in our garments is sensitive to heat, alkali, acids, softeners and bleach. In order to keep the ESD properties of the garments, please follow our recommended instructions:

*Wash in warm water, no more than 40 C(104 F) with liquid laundry detergent, i. e. liquid Tide, lemon liquid detergent, oxydol, and etc. 
*In case of severe dirt or grease, stronger liquid detergents can be used if they do not contain any chlorine bleach. 
*Do not bleach, do not use alkali, acid or fabric softeners. Do not dry clean. 
*Usually no ironing will be needed, as a special additive is used during the finishing process of our woven fabrics. Nevertheless, the garments can be ironed at medium temperature.


4.Anti static TC fabric images

65-polyester-35-cotton-150gsm-twill-ESD.jpg65-polyester-35-cotton-ESD fabric.jpgesd material.JPG

5.Electrostatic Discharge Fabric producing and packaging line

esd anti-static fabric.jpg

6.Payment Terms

esd products payment.jpg

7.Packing & Shipping info:

1.Plastic roll ,inside with plastic bag,outside with woven bag 100-130m/roll. 

2.Accoding to customer request .


Lead Time :10-15 days after payment

Package:1roll/pe bag,100pcs/carton.Carton size:1.5m*20cm*20cm

Gross weight:20kgs.80-100 cartons per pallet.







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