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ESD Textiles

ESD textiles
Color and model:Check our esd fabric panel
Type:5mm grid,5mm strip,2.5mm grid etc
Surface resistance:10^6Ω-10^9Ω
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1.ESD textiles specifications


2.The quality of anti-static clothing has a certain relationship with the fabric

  • The quality of anti-static clothing depends largely on the fabric. The reason why anti-static clothing is dustproof and anti-static is because the fabric for making garments is anti-static and ultra-clean fabric, which has excellent dustproof and anti-static properties. If you want to make anti-static clothing with excellent performance, then the choice of fabric is the most important.

  • First of all, the fabric itself does not dust. Since it is worn in a clean room, it is required that the fabric cannot be used as a source of dust in the clean room, which determines that the ultra-clean fabric can only be produced by chemically synthesized long fibers.

  • Secondly, the fabric should have a durable and efficient anti-static function. Some conductive fibers in "fake" fabrics are inferior products, but they are only treated with antistatic liquid to have antistatic properties. As soon as they are cleaned, they will be exposed immediately.

  • Finally, the fabric should have good dust filter properties. Increasing the dust filter rate is at the expense of the breathability of the fabric, so knitted fabrics and woven fabrics that are relatively loosely woven are not suitable for use in clean rooms.

  • Choosing a good ESD textiles is the key to making high-quality anti-static clothing. Only by following the above principles to select the fabric, the anti-static clothing produced will have long-lasting and effective anti-static and dustproof performance.


3.ESD textiles images

4.Introduction to anti-static fabric classification

  • T/C ESD textiles anti-static clothing adopts 65/35 full-process printing and dyeing polyester cotton, and weaves organic conductive fiber, which is processed into a high-grade polyester-cotton overalls fabric by special process. In the electronic industry, it can prevent the damage of electronic components caused by static electricity. Aging, more attention in the petrochemical industry, can avoid the danger of burning and explosion caused by spark discharge caused by static electricity. This fabric has excellent anti-static and dustproof features.

  • Conductive fiber fabric anti-static clothing is a special anti-static fabric made of special polyester  and high-performance permanent conductive fiber. This anti-static clothing made of ESD textiles is anti-static and has no dust and can effectively sterilize. , antibacterial, suitable for different levels of clean room work.

5.Payment Terms and Delivery

esd products payment


1)How to verify the authenticity of anti-static clothing fabric?

As we all know, the fabric used in the anti-static clothing used by the electronics factory and the pharmaceutical food industry is 100% polyester filament, which has good electrical conductivity and is resistant to washing. The antistatic clothing made of this good quality fabric has anti-static and dustproof functions, and the electrostatic parameters are not attenuated. The quality of anti-static products is directly related to the safety of production and the pass rate of products.

First of all, the anti-static clothing should be repeatedly cleaned, and then tested by a regular test instrument. If it is false, the test result is definitely unqualified, because the anti-static effect has been lost after repeated cleaning. The high-quality anti-static clothing fabric is not the case, as long as the cleaning method is correct, the parameters will never be attenuated. With this, you can use it with confidence.

2)What are the characteristics of anti-static esd textiles?

Performance: The garment made with this fabric through special sewing process has excellent anti-static and dustproof performance, anti-static and efficient and durable. It is soft, thin and has a clear texture. Mainly used to make dust-proof clothing and anti-static clothing.

anti static fabric for esd garment

7.Package and delivery

1)Package:1roll/carton,carton size:1.52m*15cm*15cm.


2.)Lead time:1-2 days for qty <100rolls.15-20 days for qty more than 100 rolls.





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