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ESD Curtain

ESD Curtain Film 0.3MM

ESD grid curtain
2.Size:1.37m*30m(or customized)
3.Color:Clear grid,Blue grid,Yellow grid,Black grid.
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ESD Curtain Film 0.3MM 0.5MM,Discharging static

1.ESD curtain Details

Grid Surface Resistance10^4Ω-10^6Ω
Underlayer Resistance10E6-10E9 ohm
Package1 roll/carton
Color:Clear grid,Black grid,Yellow grid,Blue grid,All clear

2.What are the uses of ESD Curtain Film?

The anti-static grid curtain prints the black conductive ink on the transparent PVC film with good anti-static effect, so that the anti-static grid curtain mesh surface has better electrical conductivity.It comes with good anti-static effect, So The esd grid curtain surface also has perfect conductive properties.

ESD Curtain Film are soft, transparent, dust-proof, anti-static, free to walk and other functions, widely used in electronics, watches, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration and other industries, especially for the electronics industry purification workshop, clean room The black conductive ink is printed on the PVC film with good antistatic effect, so that the product grid has good electrical conductivity.


3.ESD Curtain Film detailed images:

anti-static esd curtain.jpgesd safe curtain.jpg

4.Our SGS and MSDS Qualificates


5. FAQ for ESD Honey-Comb Curtain Film

1) Any special price for ESD curtain film with bulk order?

Yes,10% off.

2) What's ESD grid curtain?

Anti-static mesh curtains are widely used in dust-free workshops and anti-static work areas, and are available in a variety of thicknesses. It is produced by printing a conductive ink on a black conductive PVC film. The industry standard is: 6-9 times the grid surface 10, 8-10 times the grid surface 10, 8-10 times. The anti-static curtain product has good electrical conductivity and strong shading performance.

3) What's your warranty for esd curtain after using?

One year.


6.Payment terms

esd products payment.jpg

7.Packing & Shipping information for ESD curtain film

1.Packing info:1 roll/carton.Carton size:1.37m*30m*0.3mm.

Gross weight:15.8-16kg/carton.

2.Lead time:Always have stocks for sell.

3.Ship way: Small order by DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx

                   Large order by sea


esd products delivery.JPG




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