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ESD Curtain

ESD Curtain Material

ESD curtain material
Size:1.37m*30m*0.3mm(or customized)
Color:Clear grid,Blue grid,Yellow grid,Black grid.
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Clear grid ESD curtain material

1.ESD curtain Specifications

Grid Surface Resistance10^4Ω-10^6Ω,with carbon line
Underlayer Resistance10E6-10E9 ohm, without carbon line
Package1 roll/carton
ColorClear grid,Black grid,Yellow grid,Blue grid,All clear
FeatureAnti-static, High pervious to light

Anti-static PVC curtain can be used as a barrier wall or protective curtain material in the ESD sensitive material.Made of Anti-static PVC curtain, continous honeycomb black carbon lines are printed on the side of PVC sheet, 0.5mm thickness PVC curtain has good draping ability, so that it can be used as protective cover or intruments where electro static should be controlled.

2.ESD curtain material application

1. Applied to microelectronics, computer, communication, semiconductor assembly;

2, Precision components and biomedical, chemical, clean room;

3, Electronic product assembly, 100-1000 clean room and other industries preferred;

esd grid curtain sheet.jpg

3.ESD Vinyl Grid Curtain detailed images:

ESD curtain.jpg

esd grid.jpg

anti-static esd curtain.jpg

4.SGS and MSDS Qualificates for esd curtain material


5. FAQ for ESD vinyl grid curtain

1)What are the misunderstandings about anti-static products?

Many companies use anti-static products to think that as long as the product is not deformed and can be used without breaking, this is actually a misunderstanding. For example, an anti-static wrist strap can only be used for a few months. When used for a period of time, the appearance may not be damaged. However, when the test is often found, the wrist strap is broken, so the anti-static wrist strap needs to be tested and replaced periodically to ensure that it is guaranteed. Electrostatic discharge is best.

2)What's the usage of Anti-static shielding bag

ESD shielding bag is a composite product performance, widely used in various types of pc boards, computer motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards, network cards and static sensitive high-tech electronic products.

3)How about lead time?

Lead time:One day!Always have stocks for sell.

6.Packing & Shipping information

1 roll/carton.Export standard carton.

Carton size: 14 x 10x 10 cm

Gross weight:15.8kgs/carton.





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