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ESD Curtain

Esd Curtain Reel

esd curtain reel
Color:Clear grid,Blue grid,Yellow grid,Black grid.
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ESD curtain reel with honey comb carbon line

1.ESD curtain reel Specifications

Grid Surface Resistance10^4Ω-10^6Ω,with carbon line
Underlayer Resistance10E6-10E9 ohm, without carbon line
Package1 roll/carton
ColorClear grid,Black grid,Yellow grid,Blue grid,All clear
FeatureAnti-static, High pervious to light

Specializing in the production and sales of anti-static curtain specifications:

Anti-static grid curtain (0.3mm thick): 0.3mm*1.37m*30m

Anti-static mesh curtain (0.5mm thick): 0.5mm*1.2m*30m

Anti-static transparent curtain (0.3mm thick): 0.3mm*1.37m*30m

Anti-static transparent curtain (0.5mm thick): 0.5mm*1.37m*30m

Anti-static black curtain (0.3mm thick): 0.3mm*1.37m*30m

Anti-static yellow curtain (0.3mm thick): 0.3mm*1.37m*30m (UV anti-static curtain)

Yellow grid electrostatic curtain (0.3mm thick): 0.3mm*1.37m*30m (UV anti-static curtain)

Yellow transparent electrostatic curtain (0.3mm thick): 0.3mm*1.37m*30m (UV anti-static curtain)

2.ESD curtain roll Features

ESD PVC CARBON PRINTED CURTAIN is a black conductive ink printed on a transparent PVC film with good anti-static effect. The mesh surface of the product has a good ESD static discharge effect.

●Comparison Thin,Uniform Thickness,Good Flattening

●Good Transparency,Small Waterlines,Less Crystallization Point
●High Static Resistance,Good Electrostatic Effect
●Perfect Viscous,Also Can Adjust According To Customer's Requirements
●Meet National Industry Standards
●The Films Can Be Used As Barrier Wall,Curtain Or Cover For Esd Sensitive Area,And Applied In Electronics,Machinery,Food,Medicine,Bio-Chemicals


3.Maintenance tips for anti-static curtains

1, anti-static curtains to avoid direct sunlight, if it is hanging in contact with the sun, it is best to hang an ordinary curtain on the side of anti-static curtains and sunlight, so that the sun will not directly illuminate the anti-static curtains .

2, anti-static curtains should avoid toluene, banana water and other high-concentration solvents and strong acid, strong alkali solution spilled onto the anti-static curtains, but also to avoid the use of improper tools and sharps damage or scrape the curtain surface.

3, anti-static curtains according to the general needs of the iron keel or stainless steel keel, used to set up anti-static curtains, and sometimes through the hook to fix the anti-static curtains to the top, so this keel should be regularly cleaned, it is recommended You can rub some oil on the keel to prevent rust.

4. Because the anti-static curtain is made of PVC material, the aging characteristics are strong, especially when the temperature is high, avoid contact with open flame, chemical preparation or polymer oil, chlorine olefins, etc., should not be placed on the heating side, Extended service life.

5, if the anti-static curtains are rained, it should be cleaned in time, because the rain contains acidic substances, causing mildew and stains. Moreover, it should be stored in a cool, dark, dry, ventilated place to avoid moisture.

6. In addition, although the anti-static curtain can greatly improve the effect of the cold room, not let the air or the radiator dissipate, but it is not suitable for the cold environment, so do not hang the anti-static curtain. Cold air outlet, easy to harden.

4.ESD pvc curtain reel Detailed Images:

esd black curtain.jpgesd pvc film.jpgesd grid.jpg

5.Our SGS and MSDS Qualificates


6.How to cleanr ESD curtain reel

1 anti-static curtains in addition to anti-static, there is a very good function is dust, dust is more difficult to stain the curtains, so cleaning is relatively simple. Usually you only need to wipe the curtains with a dry cloth.

2 if you want to wash the curtains, you can not use hot water, can not be washed with gasoline, usually with a soft cloth dipped in a bag of milk soapy water, then wash with warm water, and then naturally dry.

7.Payment & Shipping information

Payment and delivery.jpg

Packaging Details

Carton size: 143 x 16 x 16 cm / roll,Gross weight:16kgs/carton.

Lead time:One day!Always have stocks for sell.

Ship way: Small order by DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx

                   Large order by sea


TT,Western Union,Paypal




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