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ESD Curtain

ESD Grid Film

ESD Grid Film
3.Color:Clear grid,Blue grid,Yellow grid,Black grid.
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PVC ESD Grid Film curtain with honeycomb

1.ESD curtain film details

specification of esd curtain.jpg

2.Classification of ESD pvc roll

codeESD grid curtainESD Black conductive curtainESD Transparent curtain
Surface resistanceUpper side 104 ~106 Ω; Under side 109– 1011 ΩUpper side 104 ~106 ; Under side 104– 106 ΩUpper side 104 ~106Ω; Under side 108 – 1011 Ω
Volume resistance1*10111*10111*1011
Discharging time1.65/100%1.65/100%1.58/100%
propertyPermanent PermanentPermanent

3.Features of esd grid film

  • Esd curtain PVC material is specially formulated to reduce static charge, making it perfect for data centers and cleanrooms.

  •  Since static electricity builds up when objects and people pass through standard PVC, reducing that charge is essential when working in an area with sensitive machines, such as computers and other electronics.

  • Waterun Anti static PVC has a smooth finish, making it easy to see through to the other side of the strip.

  • It meets the static discharge and can be used in indoor environments where temperatures range from 0°F to +150°F.

4.Anti static grid sheet pictures display:

anti-static esd curtain.jpgesd grid.jpg

5.Our SGS and MSDS Qualificates


6.FAQ for ESD Clear PVC Curtain

1)What's the types for ESD pvc curtains?

ESD grid curtain,ESD pvc clear curtain,ESD black curtain

2)Which industry can use your esd grid curtain?

Production workshops and advanced laboratories in the microelectronics industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits.

3)What is the application principle of anti-static transparent mesh curtains?

The esd grid film prints the black conductive ink on the transparent PVC film with good anti-static effect, which makes the mesh surface of the product have better electrical conductivity.

7.Packing & Shipping information

1 Roll/Carton,60rolls/pallet.Gross weight:16kgs/carton.


Lead Time :1-2 days




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