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ESD Curtain

ESD Pvc Curtain With Honeycomb

ESD pvc curtain with honeycomb
Color:Clear,Clear grid,Black grid etc
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ESD pvc curtain with honeycomb

1.ESD pvc curtain with honeycomb details

  • Anti-static curtains are soft, transparent, dust-proof, anti-static, free to walk and other functions, widely used in electronics, watches, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration and other industries, especially for the electronics industry purification workshop, clean room The black conductive ink is printed on the PVC film with good antistatic effect, so that the product grid has good electrical conductivity.

  • Colors:Grid clear.Clear,Black clear,Blue clear

  • Surface Resistance:10e7-10e9ohm.Back Resistance is conductive.

2.Application of ESD pvc curtain with honeycomb

  • Anti-static air curtain is suitable for microelectronics, medicine, aerospace, precision machinery and other industries. It is mainly divided into meshless and meshed, soft, transparent, flame retardant, not easy to aging, and has good Anti-static function, but the grid curtain is more anti-static than the gridless curtain.

  • Anti-static curtains are suitable for new product trials, small batch manufacturing, short-term order production, etc., which are economical, convenient and fast, and are good equipment for establishing short-term anti-static dust-free working areas.

3.Maintenance and cleaning of ESD pvc curtain with honeycomb

The anti-static transparent curtain is a special material used for the anti-static workshop to be used as a partition (interrupted decoration effect diagram).

Maintenance and cleaning

1, anti-static curtain in addition to anti-static, there is a very good function is dust, dust is more difficult to touch the curtain, so cleaning is relatively simple. Usually you only need to wipe the curtain with a dry cloth.

2, if you want to wash the curtain, you can not use hot water, can not be washed with gasoline, usually with a soft cloth dipped in a bag of milk soap water, then wash with warm water, and then naturally dry.

esd pvc curtain

4.Pictures display for ESD pvc curtain with honeycomb


5. FAQ

1)How to detect anti-static grid curtain

Anti-static grid curtain test instrument: heavy hammer surface resistance tester ACL800

Anti-static grid curtain technical parameters:

With grid surface resistance:10^4Ω-10^6Ω

Wihout grid surface resistance: 10^8Ω-10^10Ω

Electrostatic voltage reduction period: +V -V      0.30S 0.40S

2)What are the types of anti-static curtains?

Anti-static curtains are mainly divided into meshless and meshed. They are soft, transparent, flame retardant, and resistant to aging. They all have good anti-static functions, but mesh curtains are better than no nets. The anti-static effect of the lattice curtain is stronger.

6.Packing & Shipping

Package:1roll/carton,carton size:1.4m*0.1m*0.1m.Gross weight:16kgs.

Lead time:1-2 days for 500rolls.



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