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Heel Strap

Disposable Esd Heel Strap

Type:ESD Heel strap
Color :Yewllow with a conductive black strap
Surface Resistance:10e3-10e6 OHM
Country and Region of Manufacture: China...
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Disposable ESD heel strap


1. Disposable esd heel strap instructions:

The color is yellow with a conductive black part in the middle, suitable for men's and women's shoes. Like a durable heel grounded shoe cover, this product needs to be used on an ESD floor to function.


Features: comfortable to wear, easy to identify yellow, suitable for EPA workshops or areas requiring anti-static protection for customers to visit, can be used indoors for 4 hours.

It's perfect for visitors in EPA and Cleanroom.


Application: Suitable for men's &women's shoes, as with the durable heel grounding shoe cover, it also needs to be used on the ESD floor to play a role.


Color :Yewllow with a conductive black strap

Material: Black conductive material, non-woven fabric and double-sided adhesive

Static Voltage: <100v

Size:Length 31cm * Width1.5cm

Surface Resistance:10e3-10e6 OHM

OEM production:Acceptable

It can be customized according to the length of customer's requirements.


2.How to use this heel strap:

with a plastic surface affixed to the user's soles, the end (without the end of the plastic) folded inwards, contact with the human skin (black conductive part must contact the skin).


Stick one end to the user's shoes sole, the other end (without plastic one end) folded inside, come into contact with human skin.


3.Disposable esd heel strap pictures showing:

Disposable Heel Strap744.png

4. Qualification

Disposable Heel Strap965.png

5. Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Also accept monthly closing(Only for current clients).

Disposable Heel Strap1424.png


6. FAQ for disposable yellow heel strap:

1) How long will your disposable ESD heel strap be perfect performance after using?

4 hours indoors

2) What's the warranty for your disposable heel strap before using?

3 years.

Placement requirements: Do not place too much wet space or have strong sunlight. The temperature and humidity are preferably in the range of 50%-60%.

7. Packing & Shipping

esd products delivery.JPG




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