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Human Body Discharge Ball

Electrostatic Discharge Device

Electrostatic discharge device
Working power:built-in lithium battery
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Human body electrostatic discharge device

1.Electrostatic discharge device data sheet

1. Working power: high performance built-in lithium battery

2. Sleep current: <1mA

3. Working current: <5mA

4. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C

5. Response time: <1s

6. Grounding resistance: ≤55Ω

7. Explosion-proof grade: ExibIICT6 Gb

8. Static voltage resistance: ±20KV

9. Alarm mode: sound and light alarm (>90dB, 30cm linear distance measurement)

2.Mechanical parameters:

1, steel ball diameter: 90mm

2, steel pipe diameter: 38mm

3, steel ball wall thickness: 1mm

4, steel pipe wall thickness: 1.2mm

5, product height: 1.1m

Electrostatic Discharge Ball


1. Highway and railway oil platforms;

2. The entrance of the oil storage area and the upper tank escalator of the storage tank;

3. Outside the pump room;

4. Gas station unloading port;

5. Next to the self-service tanker;

6. Other places that need to eliminate static electricity from the human body, such as electronics factory, computer room, chemical factory building entrance, etc.

4.Product introduction:

The human body electrostatic discharge device is a new generation of explosion-proof intelligent products designed for the petrochemical industry. It can judge whether the static voltage of the human body is in the safe range. When the static voltage of the human body exceeds 150V, the sound and light alarm will be prompted, and the touch ball will be pressed continuously until the human body voltage is in the safe range before entering the working area.

Human body electrostatic discharge alarm device reasonably and effectively prolongs the static discharge time, safely releases static energy, ensures no electric shock during the static discharge of human body, no spark is generated, completely eliminates the hidden danger of fire and explosion accident caused by static electricity. . And specially designed the "Please eliminate the static electricity of the human body" warning sign, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the installation is simple and reliable, which provides an effective guarantee for the safe production of enterprises.

At present, some domestic enterprises use metal conductors to directly discharge and discharge static electricity in flammable and explosive places. Although this method can eliminate static electricity in the human body, it is inevitable that the electrostatic discharge energy is large due to the discharge between the conductors, resulting in an electric spark and an electric shock to the human body.

Generally, when the human body electrostatic voltage reaches 2000V, the instantaneous discharge energy between the human body and the electrostatic conductor can reach 0.4mj, which is much higher than the minimum ignition energy of the oil vapor of 0.2mj, and is fully equipped with conditions for causing fire and explosion accidents. Therefore, we recommend that you use a human body electrostatic discharge alarm that does not generate sparks to reduce the instantaneous electrostatic discharge energy and avoid danger.

5.Electrostatic Discharge Ball Pictures

6.Payment Terms

TT,Western Union,Paypal etc.

7. Packing & Shipping

One set/carton,Carton size:1m*0.15m*0.15m.

Gross weight:8kgs/carton.

Lead time:1-3 days

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