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Human Body Discharge Ball

Human Body Electrostatic Discharger

Human body electrostatic discharger
Working power:built-in lithium battery
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Human body electrostatic discharger

1.Human body electrostatic discharger data sheet(can be customized)

Static elimination ball, also known as electrostatic discharge instrument, electrostatic ball. It is a kind of human body electrostatic discharge product suitable for use in flammable, explosive and anti-static places. The main purpose of developing this product is to use this product to accumulate in the flammable, explosive and dangerous areas and anti-static places. The electrostatic charge is safely discharged, avoiding fire and explosion accidents caused by human body static electricity, human body electric shock and reducing the electrostatic damage of electronic components.

Electrostatic Discharge Ball

Electrostatic Discharge Ball

2.Material for Human body electrostatic discharger

Pole material: 304 stainless steel

Pole diameter: Φ38mm

The wall thickness of the pole: 1.0mm

product height: 1m

Touch ball diameter: Φ90mm 6, mounting flange wall thickness: 3.0mm

Grounding cable length: 3m linear PU cable

4.Pictures display

Eliminate personal static

5.Function characteristics

The body's electrical resistivity is often overlooked because it is invisible, but it is because these hidden dangers have caused us great losses and injuries. Therefore, the static elimination ball integrates a new type of product developed by electrostatic accumulation, electrostatic discharge, spark discharge, corona discharge brush shape, discharge field emission discharge electrostatic discharge principle. It prevents static electricity generation and limits the static electricity generated so that it is not dangerous. Secondly, the generated charge is leaked or removed as quickly as possible, thereby eliminating a large accumulation of charges.

6.Installation steps

The human body static elimination ball is placed directly at the entrance and exit of the personnel outside the static protection zone. The person directly stands on the metal pedal and touches the metal ball by hand for 0.5-1 seconds, which can achieve the effect of eliminating the static electricity more fully; eliminating the ball itself also has Grounding device, if you need to ground, please pull out the black wire from the base and connect it to the grounding device to further ensure the conductive effect. Explosion-proof human body static elimination ball, its appearance is made of stainless steel tube and stainless ball, it is suitable for chemical, metallurgy, military, oil field, computer room, high-grade hotel, high-grade hotel, high-grade office and other inflammable and explosive places.

7.Payment Terms

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