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Anti-static esd wrist strap
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Anti static wristband

1.Anti static wristband specification 

Economical Anti-static esd wrist strap                            

Color: Blue,Red,Black,Green,Metal,customized

Material: PU wrist strap,PU coiled cord line,white conductive yarn.(PU material coiled cord line is more flexible, with good scalability!)

Static Voltage: <100v

Band Size: Adjustable band

Static decay time: 0.1 (sec)

Conductive fiber spacing: 1 (mm)

Surface resistance: 01 (Ω)

Coiled line length: 1.8M

Anti-allergic or not:Both have economical and anti-allergic wrist strap.

2.Wrist strap manual:

The anti-static wrist strap is a device that is worn on the human body's wrist and discharges the body's electrostatic charge. It consists of an elastic band, activity snaps, and a spring cord. Protective resistors and plugs or chucks. The inner layer of the elastic band is knitted with antistatic conductive yarn and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarn.

3.Precautions of wearing an anti-static wrist strap

Do not allow to disconnect when using the anti static wrist strap. Otherwise, the grounding effect will be lost. The main problem with the use of various wristbands is that they are open-circuited, sometimes temporary, and sometimes disconnected for a long time, so that the anti-static wrist strap loses its grounding effect. Some people therefore use an anti-static wrist strap detector to measure their on-off status, and some use a monitoring instrument to measure the open circuit and resistance of the anti-static wrist strap. The anti-static wrist strap buckle is not tight and the contact resistance between the human skin and the anti-static wrist strap becomes large, and the resistance of some anti-static wrist straps is the strap itself. When the strap touches the ground, its resistance is greatly reduced, possibly resulting in The danger of electric shock to humans. Some who claim to be wireless wristbands are far less effective than wired ones. Therefore, for this kind of product, we must pay attention to the following details.

1. The anti-static wrist strap must be tight on the skin and not on clothes or gloves.

2, dry skin employees, if the test fails, before retesting, wear a special skin cream at the wristband to increase the skin's conductivity.

3. If the wrist strap has a grounding point, the anti-static wrist strap must be used without affecting the operation. For employees who are not able to use the wrist strap, they must use anti-static gloves.

4. When working in anti-static protection areas, employees are encouraged to use anti-static wrist straps as much as possible.

In short, the anti-static wrist strap uses a special grounding cable with a socket to connect to the ground. It cannot be clamped to the metal body on the table or desk because the resistance of these metal bodies to ground may be very large. Always check the resistance of the anti-static wrist strap. To protect against the harm caused by static electricity.

4.Anti static wristband outlet

ESD grounding socket.JPG

Material: anti-static wrist strap socket synthetic metal iron, outer plating paint;

Features: Anti-static wrist strap socket, two workers can use at the same time, occupying a small space, can reduce the ground wire and the clothes and instruments between the winding, the conductive terminal is easy to static electricity dissipation to the earth.

Scope of application: ESD wrist strap sockets are widely used in electronics, precision instruments, petroleum, chemical, medical and health, and food industries.

5.Anti static wristband images

red wrist strap.jpgCheap esd wrist strap.jpg

6. Payment Terms of Anti static wristband:

T/T, Paypal,Western Union  Also accept monthly closing(ONLY FOR regular clients).

esd wrist strap1143.png

7. Packing & Shipping for Anti static wristband


esd wrist strap2055.png

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