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Adjustable Anti static ESD Wrist Strap 1. Details Products Name: ESD wrist strap,Wrist strap,Anti static wrist strap MOQ: 100pcs Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China Color available: Blue Material: PU Band Voltage: <100v Size: Adjustable ESD PERMANENT: 10E5-10E9OHM 2. Display 3. Qualification 4.......
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Anti-allergic Cordless wrist strap

1.Cordless wrist strap Details

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A .Specification:
1.  Material: ESD plastic with silicone band.
2.  Using a corona discharge to remove static electricity
3.  Buckle Size: 26×35×13mm
B .Application:
ESD wrist straps are the most common and basic ESD protection products commonly used in SMT.
Industry and electronic assembly line. Easy to use in operation, the most economical type.
Cordless ESD wrist strap according to "corona discharge" effect and tip discharge principle when accumulated
When the charge exceeds a certain value, discharge to space occurs due to a potential difference, thereby achieving
the purpose of eliminating static electricity.
C. Description:
Wristband Material: dustless silicone;
Color: light blue;
wrist loop resistance:  ≤ 10 3 Ω ;
Electrostatic discharge time: less than 0.1s;


2.Cordless wrist strap pictures display



3.Cordless wrist strap Application

esd wrist strap906.png

4. Payment Terms of Cordless wrist strap :

  1. Testing on a wrist strap tester before using the wrist strap to ensure good performance;

  2. when using the wrist strap and keep band touching the skin of body.


5. Payment Terms of Cordless wrist strap :

Paypal, T/T, 30 days monthly closing(ONLY FOR regular clients).

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6. FAQ of Cordless wrist strap :

1) Is your cordless Wrist strap anti-allergic?

Yes, this cordless wrist strap are anti allergic without metal part.


2) What's the material of the band of wrist strap?



3)What's the warranty of your cordless wrist strap?

One year.


7. Packing & Shipping for our Cordless wrist strap:

1pc/PE bag; 300PCS/carton,Carton size:26*20*40CM;Gross weight:8kgs per carton.

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