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ESD Grounding Wrist Strap

Anti-static esd wrist strap Model:EC1806 Brand:OEM Type:Economical...
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ESD Grounding Wrist Strap

1.ESD Grounding Wrist Strap Data Sheet

Cheap ESD Grounding Wrist Strap                           

Color: Blue,Red,Black,Green,Metal,customized

Material: PU wrist strap,PU coiled cord line,white conductive yarn.

(PU material coiled cord line is more flexible, with good scalability!)

Static Voltage: <100v

Wrist Band Size: Adjustable band

Static decay time: 0.1 (sec)

Conductive fiber spacing: 1 (mm)

Surface resistance: 01 (Ω)

Coiled line length: 1.8M

Anti-allergic or not:Both have economical and anti-allergic wrist strap.

2.Wrist strap manual:

The anti-static wrist strap is a device that is worn on the human body's wrist and discharges the body's electrostatic charge. It consists of an elastic band, activity snaps, and a spring cord. Protective resistors and plugs or chucks. The inner layer of the elastic band is knitted with antistatic conductive yarn and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarn.

3.ESD Wrist strap classification

ESD wrist strap is divided into an economical wrist strap,anti-allergic wrist strap,corded wrist band,intelligent anti-static wrist band, metal wrist band, a double-loop wrist band, and a cordless wrist band.

According to the structure, it is divided into a single-loop wrist strap and a double-loop wrist strap, which is used to discharge the static electricity of the human body. It consists of an elastic band, activity snaps, and a spring cord. Protective resistors and plugs or chucks. The inner layer of the elastic band is knitted with antistatic yarns and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarns. The main indicators The maximum length of the spring cord 250cm Leakage resistance 10 ^ 6Ω (protection resistance 10 ^ 6Ω).

The cordless wrist strap is based on the physical principle of (static voltage balance). According to the principle of electrostatic engineering, static electricity is developed using the principle of pushing between ions, and it is developed by electrostatic self-heavy electricity. The potential push feature pushes the body's electrostatic ions into the design (collection area) of the drought. Via [the principle of charge induction], the positive and negative surfaces of the conductive plate will have “equal amount of opposite-charge”-skin effect, respectively. The built-in ion exchanger <using its low free energy properties> can easily provide the same amount of electrostatic charges introduced by the electrostatic ion to neutralize it, so it can achieve the effect of electrostatic discharge, and also has a screw on the outside of the machine. Internal conductor loop connection.

4.Anti static wristband outlet

ESD grounding socket.JPG

Material: anti-static wrist strap socket synthetic metal iron, outer plating paint;

Features: Anti-static wrist strap socket, two workers can use at the same time, occupying a small space, can reduce the ground wire and the clothes and instruments between the winding, the conductive terminal is easy to static electricity dissipation to the earth.

Scope of application: ESD wrist strap sockets are widely used in electronics, precision instruments, petroleum, chemical, medical and health, and food industries.

5.Anti static strap images

red wrist strap.jpg

_MG_6511.jpgwristband and  heel grounder.jpg

6. Payment Terms

T/T, Paypal,Western Union  Also accept monthly closing(ONLY FOR regular clients).

esd wrist strap1143.png

7. Packing & Shipping for wrist strap and heel grounder


esd wrist strap2055.png

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