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Anti-static ESD strap

1.ESD strap specification 

ESD wrist strap and ESD heel strap                         

Color: Blue,Red,Black,Green,Metal,customized

Material: PU wrist strap,PU coiled cord line,white conductive yarn.(PU material coiled cord line is more flexible, with good scalability!)

Static Voltage: <100v

Band Size: Adjustable band

Static decay time: 0.1 (sec)

Conductive fiber spacing: 1 (mm)

Surface resistance: 01 (Ω)

Coiled line length: 1.8M

Anti-allergic or not:Both have economical and anti-allergic wrist strap.

2.Antistatic wrist strap electrostatic discharge method

1) The direct discharge is to discharge the static electricity to the ground through the electrostatic wristband; 2) to neutralize the positive and negative ions in the air and the static electricity generated by itself; 3) to dissipate the static electricity through the power-consuming material;

The anti-static wrist strap is used to introduce static electricity through the anti-static grounding cable into the earth through a 1 megohm resistor inside the plastic box on the wrist strap. The series connection of this resistor is mainly considered in personal safety. Because the effect of the resistance of 1M ohms is to maintain the impedance of the static power supply to the earth at an appropriate resistance value, so that static electricity can be quickly discharged to the earth without generating excessive current, damaging the equipment, and people will not feel it. feeling of pain.

The theory of cordless wristband is to use the principle of corona discharge to dissipate a part of static electricity. Corona discharge is also called tip discharge. After the body is charged, it usually needs a voltage of more than 1500V. Its tip part will discharge air, and secondly Dissipate static electricity.

3.Wrist strap tester

The wrist strap tester can test the wearing of each wrist strap. With a small size, light weight, and easy to use. If the resistance value is not within the standard range or the battery is too low, an alarm will be given automatically and the red light will be on with the alarm.

Test whether the wrist strap conducts electricity well. The anti-static wrist strap tester can easily detect the performance of various types of anti-static wrist straps.

Low voltage display, automatic alarm when undervoltage.

HAKKO-498 wrist strap tester

wrist strap tester.jpg

4.Anti static wristband detailed images

IMG_3852.jpg_MG_6201.jpgCheap esd wrist strap.jpg

5. Payment Terms of Anti static wristband:

T/T, Paypal,Western Union.

esd wrist strap1143.png

6. Packing & Shipping for Anti static wristband


esd wrist strap2055.png

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