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ESD Floor Mat

Anti Fatigue ESD Flooring Mat

Anti Fatigue ESD Flooring Mat
Texture:Diamond Plate
Color:Black,Black&yellow edges,Green&yellow edges
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Anti Fatigue ESD Flooring Mat

1.Technical parameters


ESD anti-fatigue floor mat


PVC with rubber


Black or black and yellow


PVC Ground Brick


Simple color

Surface resistance

10e3-10e5 Ohm




EN ISO 13501


60CM*90CM /45CM*60CMor Customer Request


Workshop, Factory, Warehouse, Kitchen



2.Anti-fatigue principle of anti-fatigue mat

  • When a person stands on a hard ground for a long time, the leg muscles are easily strained and contracted, causing varicose veins. Long-term varicose veins encourage people to spend more energy to stay in a state of standing, because the body quickly becomes fatigued and the work efficiency decreases. A comfortable working environment can effectively improve work efficiency and human health index. For example, anti-fatigue mats, elastic materials can subtly transfer the weight of the human body, promote the relaxation of the leg muscles, relieve the pressure of the blood circulation of the feet and the fatigue of the legs caused by standing for a long time, and prevent the blood from being unsmooth. Varicose veins, which reduce the body's fatigue by more than 50%, improve work efficiency by more than 35%, and provide unparalleled long standing support.

  • The anti-static anti-fatigue mat pattern can massage the sole of the foot while walking, relieve fatigue and improve production efficiency.

3.Characteristics of esd floor mat

Anti-static anti-fatigue mat uses natural rubber as the main material, which is suitable for anti-static work places that need to stand for a long time, which can effectively cushion the pressure of the foot and relieve fatigue. It can effectively discharge the static charge of the human body through the grounding system to prevent static electricity from causing harm.

The anti-static anti-fatigue mat is made with advanced technology and carefully designed to meet the requirements of modern people's work comfort. It has the following characteristics:

1, can be permanently anti-static.

2, flexible, strong rebound, easy to clean, easy to move.

3, the surface is steel pattern or spherical pattern anti-skid design, safer to use.

4, can withstand acid and alkali solvents.

5. Warranty period: semiconductor clean room for 8 years; electronics manufacturing for 5 years; machinery industry

4.Images display

Non Slip Anti Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat.jpg

5.Our certificates for esd anti-Fatigue mat

ESD anti fatigue mat907.png

6.Payment Terms:

esd products payment

7.Packing & Shipping

PVC Top Rubber Bottom ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat

Port:  Shenzhen

Payment:L/C, T/T,paypal, wester union

Delivery Time:7-10 days after receipt of deposit

Packaging:PP bag with wooden pallet  

Shipping: By sea, Express delivery

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