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ESD Floor Mat

Anti Fatigue Esd Mat

Anti Fatigue Esd Mat
Texture:Diamond Plate
Color:Black,Black with yellow edges
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Non-slip Anti Fatigue ESD Floor Mats | ESD Flooring Mats

1.Technical parameters

NameESD anti fatigue mat
MaterialTop layers: PVC; Middle Layer: EPDM foamed; Bottom layers: NBR/PVC
Texture on surfaceDiamond Plate
Size900*600*20mm, 450*600*20mm,600mm*1200mm*20mm,Other Size and Thickness can be customized.
Surface resistance10e3 -10e5 Ohm
ColorBlack, yellow and black

●Special structure effectively cushions foot pressure and relieves fatigue, suitable for long-term standing stations;

● Advanced technology, permanent anti-static, 6-9 ohms of surface resistance 10, 3-5 ohms of bottom resistance 10;

● Easy to clean, easy to migrate, safe to use on surface anti-slip design, resistant to acid and alkali solvents;

● Black + yellow or black, thickness 18MM, length and width can be customized according to needs.

● Non-slip surface, acid and alkali resistant, safe to use.

2.Anti Fatigue Esd Mat features:

1, advanced technology, carefully crafted

2, surface resistance value: 10 6-9 power, the bottom resistance value: 10 3-5 power permanently anti-static;

3. Special structure effectively cushions foot pressure and relieves fatigue;

4, the surface with anti-static warning mark, naturally forming an anti-static protection area;

5, easy to clean, easy to migrate, does not affect the normal working environment;

6, the surface is anti-slip design, the use is safer;

7, can withstand acid and alkali solvents.


1. Non-static environment local area and process anti-static (such as workbench or process)

2. suitable for the transformation of anti-static areas (especially the ground), is an economical simple and effective anti-static measures;

3. suitable for long-term use of standing stations (supermarkets, gas stations, workshops, laboratories);

4. It is suitable for improving the working environment of employees, improving work treatment, and increasing working hours without fatigue.

4.Images display

Non Slip Anti Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat.jpg

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5.Our Certificates

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6.Payment Terms:

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7.Packing & Shipping

For standard size 600*900*20mm.10pcs/carton,Carton size:610*910*250mm,10 cartons on a pallet.

Lead Time :within 15 days for qty more than 1000pcs.Normally we have stocks for sell.

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