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ESD Floor Mat

ESD Floor Matting

ESD Floor Matting
Color:All black or black with yellow edges
Size:Can be customized
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Customized size ESD Floor Matting

1.ESD anti fatigue mat specifications

Anti-static anti-fatigue mat is suitable for anti-static work places that need to stand for a long time to effectively cushion foot pressure and relieve fatigue. It can also isolate cold air, reduce vibration, etc., and protect products and tools that are dropped during operation. Damage; reduce production costs, improve employee health index and safety factor; relieve blood circulation pressure in the feet, reduce body fatigue by 50%, thereby increasing work efficiency by more than 30%!

Three-layer structure: the upper layer is anti-static rubber, the middle layer is EPDM (or urethane resin) foamed cotton, and the bottom layer is conductive rubber.

Color:All black or black with yellow edges

Anti-fatigue mats size can be customized according to your request:

Length can be customized 

Width can be customized 0.45m-1.2m 

Thickness available:17mm/18mm/ 20mm

2.ESD floor mating Characteristics

1. Advanced and scientific production technology is advanced and carefully made. Surface resistance value:10e6-10e9 ohm, bottom 10e3-10e5 ohm, permanent anti-static.

2. Special structure effectively cushions foot pressure and relieves fatigue;

4.the surface with anti-static warning mark, naturally forming an anti-static protection area;

5.Easy to clean, easy to migrate, does not affect the normal working environment;

6.The surface is anti-slip design, the use is safer

7.can withstand acid and alkali solvents.

8.Material selection

The surface of the mat is made of anti-static pvc (rubber-conducting static electricity), with a yellow static warning tape (customer can also add static sensitive symbols), the appearance is eye-catching and beautiful; the middle layer is EPDM sponge, and the foot feels comfortable. Each layer is firmly bonded with an environmentally-friendly strong adhesive.


1. Non-static environment local area and process anti-static (such as workbench or process)

2.suitable for the transformation of anti-static areas (especially the ground), is an economical simple and effective anti-static measures;

3.Suitable for long-term use of standing stations (supermarkets, gas stations, workshops, laboratories);

4.It is suitable for improving the working environment of employees, improving work treatment, and increasing working hours without fatigue.

4.ESD floor mating Picture display

ESD Floor matting.jpg


5.SGS and ROHS Qualification

ESD floor matting841.png

6.Payment Terms and Delivery:

Paypal , T/T ,Western Union, Also accept monthly closing.

Payment and delivery.jpg


1) What thickness can you customized for ESD anti-fatigue mat?

15MM,17MM,18MM,20MM ETC.

2) What ESD products are you manufacturing in your own factory?

ESD anti fatigue mat,ESD table mat, ESD chairs,Wrist strap and Heel strap,ESD pcv clear curtain,ESD shoes,Ionizing air blower etc

3)Is your ESD floor mat antistatic permanent?

Yes,Materials are ESD type,So it's antistatic permanent.

8.Packing & Shipping

Packing details:5pcs/nylon bag,14bags/pallet.

Shipping information:Small order by DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT express.

Large order by ship or track.

Lead time:5-10 days.

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