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ESD Table Mat

Antistatic Desktop Mat

Antistatic desktop mat
Standard Size:1m*10m,1.2m*10m or OEM
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Antistatic desktop mat

1.ESD bench mat technical data



2.Application for Antistatic desktop mat

esd mat application

3.How is anti-static mat anti-static?

First of all, the anti-static mat is made up of anti-static materials and various rubbers and additives, and then the internal structure is composed of two parts. The first layer structure is the anti-static consumable layer after forging and extrusion. The thickness of this layer is generally controlled at about 0.5 mm, the common color is generally green, and some other colors such as gray, blue, black, etc., this layer is the surface layer of the anti-static table mat, and its surface resistance is 3 to 5 of 10 The second side is ohmic. Differentiating from the brightness can distinguish between light and matt. The second layer is a conductive layer, and the color is uniform to black. The thickness of this layer is thicker relative to the first layer and can reach 0.5 mm or more, generally 1.5 mm, and its surface resistance is 3 to 5 ohms of 10 degrees.

Secondly, different levels have different roles in terms of main functions. The black conductive layer on the bottom layer of the anti-static table pad needs to be connected to the grounding wire to realize the conduction effect. The surface antistatic layer of the anti-static table mat can reduce excessive generation of static electricity due to friction and tear during use, and accumulate static electricity on the surface and then transfer to the conductive layer of the bottom layer. This is also the working principle of anti-static mat to eliminate static electricity.

4.Antistatic rubber mat roll detailed images

5.SGS and CE Certificates

China manufacturer blue esd safe mat /antistatic floor mat/antistatic rubber mat

6.Payment and Delivery

Payment and delivery

Packaging Details:1 roll/bag, 4rolls/ctn for esd mat


Lead Time :

Quantity(Square Meters)1 - 5051 - 500501 - 1000>1000
Est. Time(day)31015To be negotiated


1)What's the main reasons for aging of anti-static mats?

First, light and air lead to aging: mainly due to the ultraviolet light and ozone in the light, the rubber material is aging.

Second, heat aging: mainly the heat source in the workplace produces higher than the ambient temperature or heat source radiation, electromagnetic waves, etc., so that the table mat heat aging.

Third, the chemical reaction leads to aging phenomenon: mainly due to the use of chemicals, chemical reagents or chemical gases in the work, so that the anti-static mat aging.

2)Can the anti-static mat have a good anti-static effect?

Everyone knows that anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes, anti-static wrist straps, these high-use products are anti-static masters, but I do not know there is also an anti-static master - anti-static mat. Anti-static mats can be placed in places such as production workshop floor and assembly line consoles.

The antistatic table mat is mainly made of antistatic (conductive) electrostatic material and dissipative electrostatic material synthetic rubber. The surface layer is a dissipative electrostatic layer of about 0.5 mm thick, and the bottom layer is a conductive layer of about 1.5 mm thick. The anti-static table mat has good wear resistance and chemical flux resistance and has a long service life.

However, pay attention to the grounding of the anti-static table mat. It is the basic requirement for static electricity protection. If it is not grounded, the anti-static mat will not have the effect of static electricity protection.

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