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ESD Table Mat

ESD Antistatic Rubber Mat

ESD Antistatic Rubber Mat

Antistatic rubber Mat
Standard Size:1m*10m,1.2m*10m or OEM
Color:Green,Grey,Blue,Black or OEM
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2 layers ESD Antistatic rubber Mat

1.Antistatic rubber Mat specification

●The material of the anti-static mat is mainly made of conductive material and antistatic material and synthetic rubber which dissipates static electricity. The surface layer is conventionally 0.5MM, the bottom layer is 1.5MM, and the total thickness can be made into 2MM, 3MM, etc. . The mat is used for a long time, has good acid and alkali resistance, and is easy to clean.

●Color:Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny grey,Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny blue, Dull/Shiny black.

●Standard size:1m*10m.1.2m*10m,0.6m*10m,0.5m*10m etc.

●Customized size: Acceptable.

●Customized color:Acceptable.

●Surface resistance: 10e6-10e9Ω

●Bottom resistance: 10e3-10e5Ω

●Volume resistance: 10e5-10e8Ω

●Wear rate: 0.02g/cm2

●Electrostatic removal time: < 0.1s

●Ready stocks available or not:Yes

●Heat Resistance:300 degrees

●Elongation at break: 188%

●Tensile strength: 3.6MPA

●Tear strength: 20.6KN/M

●Resilience: 14%

●Impact catalytic temperature -250C: no damage

●Compression permanent rate of change Compression 25%: 17.9

2.Application for Antistatic rubber Mat

esd mat.jpg

The normal use of the anti-static mat can ensure that the electronic products are protected from static electricity, because the anti-static mat is an indispensable grounding tool for the operation of electronic products. The anti-static table mat is made of a conductive material, a static dissipative material and various rubbers through a special process. The whole is divided into two layers, the surface layer is static dissipative enthalpy, and the bottom layer is conductive layer. The anti-static mat has good wear resistance and chemical flux resistance, and has a long service life. Its main component is conductive material, static dissipative material, etc. It has certain anti-acid and anti-chemical solvent properties, and is easy to wear and wear, so it can ensure the life of anti-static mat.

Because of the development of electronic products, the demand for anti-static mats is also very large. The use of anti-static mats can not only reduce the production cost of manufacturers, but also save production resources and avoid waste of resources and The environment causes certain pollution.

3.Anti-static mat laying tips

Anti-static mats play an indelible role in the production line, and the technical requirements on the assembly line are also quite strict. It must ensure that the products can follow the established route. As long as one product stagnate in the middle, it will cause online. Product backlogs cannot be properly circulated, which requires personnel to adjust.

However, in some production workshops, the length of the assembly line is hard to imagine. On several heights, turning a few bends is not very clear, and the length can be imagined. At this time, if you can focus on the laying of the table mat, then there will be not so many complicated things in the usual production process. Next, talk about the precautions for laying the mat.

1. In the face of a roll of dozens of kilograms of table mats, it is necessary to face the front of the field, how to work on the workbench is the key, accurate measurement when taking the knife before cutting, it directly reflects your waste The amount of material above.

2. The next step of cutting is how to lay, shrinking into a word is "flat", the table pad itself is a flat assembly line console is also flat two flat objects combined into a flat object feels very simple, right? But this is why you don't want to think about your own mobile phone film? One of the keys here is that the stickers should be affixed forward in one direction, and the hand should forcefully squeeze out the space between the table mat and the console.

4.Antistatic rubber Mat detailed images

esd mat roll.jpgblue esd mat.jpg

esd green mat.jpg

5. Certificates for .Antistatic rubber Mat 

ESD green mat1062.png


TT(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Paypal,or monthly statement.

esd products payment.jpg

7.Packing Way

Film covered on one sides+ plastic tube+Cartons+Pallets
Pallets Size: 1m x 1m,1m x 1.2m x 0.8m x 1.2m, 
Plastic Tube (Core) size: Diameter 50-100mm
Carton Type: Neutral Carton , Standard Designed Carton, or Customized Carton

8.Packing Way

If Pallet Size 1m x 1.2m ,Mat size in 1.0m x 10m x 2mm,30Rolls / Pallet,
500Rolls in 20feet container if all rolls with pallets
800Rolls in 20feet container if without pallets
850Rolls in 40feet container if all rolls with Pallets
If Pallet Size 1m x 1.2m ,Mat size in 1.2m x 10m x 2mm,30Rolls / Pallet,
500Rolls in 20feet container if all rolls with pallets
800Rolls in 20feet container if without pallets
850Rolls in 40feet container if all rolls with Pallets

esd rubber mat.JPGesd mat on truck.JPG

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