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ESD Table Mat

ESD Bench Mat Roll

ESD Bench Mat Roll
Size:1m*10m,1.2m*10m per roll
Color:Blue,Grey,Black,Green esd mat
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ESD Bench Mat Roll

1.ESD mat specifications

●Name:ESD table mat,ESD rubber mat,ESD mat rolls


●Color:Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny grey,Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny blue, Dull/Shiny black.

●Standard size:1m*10m.1.2m*10m,0.6m*10m,0.5m*10m etc.

●Customized size: Acceptable.

●Customized color:Acceptable.

●Surface resistance: 10e6-10e9Ω

●Bottom resistance: 10e3-10e5Ω

●Volume resistance: 10e5-10e8Ω

●Wear rate: 0.02g/cm2

●Electrostatic removal time: < 0.1s

●Ready stocks available or not:Yes

●Heat Resistance:300 degrees

●Tensile strength: 3.6Mpa

●Elongation at break: 188%

●Tear strength (right angle): 20.6KN/m

●Resilience (sample consists of 6 layers of sheets): 14%

●Impact embrittlement temperature (no cut) -250c: no damage

●Compression permanent change rate 700Cx22h. Compression 25%: 17.9

2.Application for ESD Bench Mat Roll

esd mat.jpg

Scope of application: production workshops and advanced laboratories in the microelectronics industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits.

It is mainly used for paving table tops, assembly line countertops, shelves and making floor mats, and is suitable for different conditions and different environments.

3.Features for ESD bench mat roll

Features: Anti-static mat is mainly made of anti-static (conductive) electrostatic material and dissipative static material synthetic rubber. The surface layer is a dissipative electrostatic layer of about 0.5 mm thick and the bottom layer is a conductive layer of about 1.5 mm thick. Commonly used as a 2mm double layer composite structure. The mat has long-lasting use, has good acid, alkali and chemical resistance, and is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The conductive mat is made of high-quality conductive material synthetic rubber.

4.ESD Bench Mat Roll detailed images

blue esd mat.jpgesd mat roll.jpgesd table mat roll.jpg

5. Certificates for ESD Bench Mat Roll

ESD green mat1062.png


TT(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Paypal.

esd products payment.jpg


Lead time:7-10 days for bulk order,1-3 days for small order.

Package:1 roll/bag,1bag/carton,30cartons/pallet.15pallets/20ft container.

esd rubber mat.JPG

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