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ESD Table Mat

ESD Green Mat

ESD Green Mat
Size:1m*10m,1.2m*10m or OEM
Color:Green,Grey,Blue,Black or OEM
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ESD Green Mat With No Smell

1.ESD green mat specifications

●The material of the anti-static mat is mainly made of conductive material and antistatic material and synthetic rubber which dissipates static electricity. The surface layer is conventionally 0.5MM, the bottom layer is 1.5MM, and the total thickness can be made into 2MM, 3MM, etc. . The mat is used for a long time, has good acid and alkali resistance, and is easy to clean.

●Color:Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny grey,Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny blue, Dull/Shiny black.

●Standard size:1m*10m.1.2m*10m,0.6m*10m,0.5m*10m etc.

●Customized size: Acceptable.

●Customized color:Acceptable.

●Surface resistance: 10e6-10e9Ω

●Bottom resistance: 10e3-10e5Ω

●Volume resistance: 10e5-10e8Ω

●Wear rate: 0.02g/cm2

●Electrostatic removal time: < 0.1s

●Ready stocks available or not:Yes

●Heat Resistance:300 degrees

●Elongation at break: 188%

●Tensile strength: 3.6MPA

●Tear strength: 20.6KN/M

●Resilience: 14%

●Impact catalytic temperature -250C: no damage

●Compression permanent rate of change Compression 25%: 17.9

2. ESD MAT Detailed introduction

Laying anti-static mats (floor mats) The main purpose is to make the ESDS tweezers, tools, instruments, meters, etc. that are in contact with the human body and the table top reach a uniform potential and release static electricity, while making the static sensitive devices (SSD) free from static electricity such as friction. The interference of the discharge phenomenon, thereby achieving the effect of electrostatic protection.

esd table mat.jpg

Anti-static mats are mainly made of a variety of processes using conductive materials, static dissipative materials and synthetic rubber. The top layer is a static dissipative layer of about 0.5 mm thick, and the bottom layer is a conductive layer of about 1.5mm thick. The mat has a long-lasting use, has good acid, alkali and chemical resistance, and is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The length is generally 10m. The available surface colors are: green, gray, blue, black, etc. . Can be divided into matt or bright special conditions can be processed according to customer requirements.

3.Pictures display for ESD bench mat

anti-static green mat.jpgesd green mat.jpg

4. ESD green mat SGS and CE and ROHS Certificates

ESD green mat1062.png

5.Payment Terms and Shipping Method

Paypal , Western Union, T/T, Also accept monthly closing(For current clients).

Lead time:10-14 days for 100 rolls.

Payment and delivery.jpg

6. FAQ 

1) Are there any heavy smell or spots on your esd mat?

No,our esd mat is made of original rubber.It has good flexibility,It has slight smell or no smell.

2) Why choose us?

●High Quality Products At The Lowest Prices 

●10 years manufacturer directly supply 

●Fast Dispatch Times 

●Rapid Response Times 

●Price Matching Available

3)What's the lead time for ESD green mat?

Normally we have stocks for sell.If no stocks,Lead time is 7-10 days for 100rolls or more.

4)Do you also have textured esd mat?

Yes,We have both smooth and textured esd mat.

7.Packing Way

If Pallet Size 1m x 1.2m ,Mat size in 1.0m x 10m x 2mm,30Rolls / Pallet,
500Rolls in 20feet container if all rolls with pallets
800Rolls in 20feet container if without pallets
850Rolls in 40feet container if all rolls with Pallets
If Pallet Size 1m x 1.2m ,Mat size in 1.2m x 10m x 2mm,30Rolls / Pallet,
500Rolls in 20feet container if all rolls with pallets
800Rolls in 20feet container if without pallets
850Rolls in 40feet container if all rolls with Pallets

esd mat on truck.JPG


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