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ESD Table Mat

ESD Rubber Mat

ESD Rubber Mat
Roll size:1m*10m,1.2m*10m or customized
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Dull Or Shiny 2 Layers ESD Rubber Mat

1. ESD workbench mat technical data

Product Name:ESD Rubber Mat
Model Number:EC1001
Surface Resistance:Top dissipative layer: 10E3-10E5 ohms
Bottom conductive layer: 10E6-10E9 ohms
Thickness: 2mmTop dissipative layer: 0.5mm
Bottom conductive layer: 1.5mm
1.6mm-5mm thickness are avialable
Length:10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m per roll
Color:Light Green, Green, Dark Green
Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue
Gray, Brown, Black, Yellow
any color as required
Decay Time:<0.1 second
Abrasive Loss:<0.02
Gross Weight:about 3kg/square meter
30kg/roll for size:T2mmxW1.0mxL10m
Certificate:SGS, RoHS

2.Why should you lay an anti-static mat on the workbench?

The anti-static table mat is to release the static electricity of the human body, so that the ESD tweezers, tools, instruments, meters, etc. on the table and the surface reach a uniform potential, so that the electrostatic sensitive device (SSD) is not interfered by the electrostatic discharge phenomenon, thereby achieving the effect of electrostatic protection. Effective buffering to avoid damage to the device, this product does not contain harmful substances such as S, Hg, NH3+, Pb, softness: soft, strong rebound, in toughness, whether the product is used in the cold north or in the warm south, it is It can maintain softness and flatness (paved on the ground, the countertop is very flat, and it won't be lifted up)

The desktop of the anti-static workbench must meet the requirements of anti-static protection. Generally, the user does not pay much attention to the anti-static function of the desktop. It only tests the anti-static index of the surface of the table, but often ignores the release of static electricity and resistance to the ground. The system prevents static electricity from being generated from the source. The selection of anti-static workbench mats is critical!

3.Anti-static mat picture display

anti-static green mat

4.Method for distinguishing the quality of anti-static mats

  • The anti-static workbench is a kind of console. It is mainly used in the electronics industry and places where static electricity is strictly required. The safety of static-sensitive components can be ensured by using an anti-static workbench. Anti-static table mats are limited by their physical properties and have a limited service life. They are regularly updated. Anti-static mats have no taste under normal conditions, but there are many anti-static mats on the market. If there is a strong smell, it means that there is a problem with the raw materials. The high-end anti-static table mat has a taste, but it is only a little rubbery. After a few days, the taste will naturally disappear.

  • If you buy an anti-static table mat, the smell is very strong, and the taste is stronger after heat or rubbing. This means that the “benzene molecule” in the raw material is volatilizing. The benzene molecule is mainly not good for the human respiratory system. Smoked eyes. Try not to buy cheap anti-static table mats with low quality and strong taste. When using, try to open the window door to avoid airtightness. The closed dust-free workshop is not recommended to use low-quality anti-static mats, which is a good production environment.

  • The anti-static table mat pure raw material (rubber) produces no odor and no harmful substances, and vice versa is a provincial table mat. When selecting an anti-static mat, it must be seen in advance, and the anti-static table produced by pure raw materials. The pad is soft, tasteless, elastic, and does not cause stretching. The anti-static index is relatively stable. The most important thing is to personally smell the samples provided by the manufacturer, determine the quality and then decide to purchase. To make a final conclusion, choose the anti-static table mat that you like to be satisfied with.

5.Payment Terms:

ESD rubber mat1333.png

6. Packing & Shipping

esd mat packing


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