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ESD Table Mat

Static Control Grounding Mat

Static Control Grounding Mat
Size:1m*10m,1.2m*10m,and Customized size acceptable
Color:Green,Grey,Blue and Customized color acceptable
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ESD Static Control Grounding Mat

1.ESD Static Control Grounding Mat specification

Anti-static bench mat, also known as esd table mat, anti-static rubber sheet, anti-static rubber mat and so on. Anti-static bench mat is mainly made of antistatic (conductive) static material and dissipative electrostatic material synthetic rubber. Commonly used is a 2mm double-layer composite structure with a surface layer of about 0.5mm thick dissipative static layer and a bottom layer of about 1.5mm thick conductive layer.

Color:Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny grey,Dull/Shiny green,Dull/Shiny blue, Dull/Shiny black.

Standard size:1m*10m.1.2m*10m,0.6m*10m,0.5m*10m etc.

Customized size: Acceptable.

Customized color:Acceptable.

Surface resistance: 106-109Ω

Bottom resistance: 103-105Ω

Volume resistance: 105-108Ω

Wear rate: 0.02g/cm2

Electrostatic removal time: < 0.1s

Ready stocks available or not:Yes

Heat Resistance:300 degrees

2.Application for Static Control Grounding Mat

esd mat.jpg

Electronic devices, electronic computers, electronic communications equipment, integrated circuits and other microelectronics production workshops and advanced laboratories are required to lay anti-static mats or conductive mats in order to reduce or eliminate static electricity hazards. After the mat is laid and grounded, the work surface will discharge static electricity from the human body, so that the ESD tweezers, tools, instruments, and meters that the human body touches the tabletop reach a substantially uniform potential, making the electrostatic sensitive device (SSD) free from frictional electrification, etc. The effect of electrostatic discharge is caused by the interference of the wide-step surface band caused by the electrostatic discharge.

3.Several kinds of ESD grounding mat detection methods:

Methods: look, smell, tear, pull, measure and other methods. Intuitive understanding of esd table mats.

1. Look: Open the package, the surface color is uniform, no bubbles, spots, etc.

2. Smell: This product is a new rubber production with a slight rubber smell. Our factory has been improved in formula and the smell is absolutely the smallest in the same product.

3. Tear: anti-static table mat The green surface anti-static layer and the black surface conductive layer are cured by vulcanization. The green and black sides can be torn off by hand. If the green side is torn with vinyl, the bonding of the product is acceptable. (Adhesion directly affects the elimination of static electricity).

4. Pull: pull the anti-static mat, the green surface is always green, the color is not white and does not change color. Description This product is a new rubber material. The same can also be used hand pinch (green surface does not change color, black surface does not break).

5. Measurement: Tested with a surface resistance tester. The green surface resistance is 10 6-9 power ohms and the black surface resistance is 10 3-5 power ohms. The scope of anti-static index compliance.

4.ESD Static Control Grounding Mat detailed images

esd mat grey.jpg

esd mat dull.jpg

shiny esd mat.jpg

5. Certificates for ESD Static Control Grounding Mat

ESD green mat1062.png6.Payment & Delivery 

Lead time:7-10 days for bulk order,1-3 days for small order.

ESD green mat3520.png

Payment terms:TT,Western Union,Paypal.

Payment and delivery.jpg

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