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ESD Silicon Sticky Mat

ESD Silicon sticky mat
Customized size:Max Width:0.68m,Max Length:20m
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ESD Silicon sticky mat

1.Reusable washable adhesive mat specification

●Material:ESD Silicone with polyurethane gel

●Size:18"x36"x3mm,24''x36''x3mm,26''x45''x3mm,300mm*300mm*5mm,500mm*500mm*5mm(other sizes can be customized)

●Max Width:0.68m,Max Length:20m.

●Thickness 3mm or 5 mm

●Color: blue

●Heat Resistance:  -22℃ to 176℃ F (-30℃ to 80℃)

●Approx. Load Resistance:  up to 800lb/in²  (363kg/in²)

●Tensile Strength: 200 lb/in2   (91kg/in²)

●Tear Resistance:  175 lb/in²   (80kg/in²) 

●Application:Suitable for the semiconductor industry, PCB, circuit board industry, food industry, steel plate, glass processing industry, LCD and other industries.

2.Introduction for silicon sticky mat

Silicone sticky mats, also known as cleanable sticky mats, are mainly used to control the dust of the soles of workers and the bottom of small wheels to prevent them from being brought into the clean workshop or production control area to achieve the purpose of controlling cleanliness. This product is beautiful and elegant, has good dust-fixing effect, convenient and quick cleaning, small investment and long service life. It is a good product for controlling the flow of people and logistics on the ground.

3.ESD Silicon sticky mat advantages

1.Soft texture: It has a very smooth surface on the microscopic surface, so that it can easily adhere to different particle sizes of the contact surface, especially in the uneven bottom of the sole and the small wheel bottom. It can be kept high after long-term use. It is dusty and does not have a sticky feeling on the sole and the bottom of the small wheel. In use, it will not produce residual pollution particles and avoid secondary pollution to clean areas. A large area of dusty area can be made as needed.

2.Easy and convenient to clean,can use clean water to clean.for medical, pharmaceutical and biological industries, such as bacteria, micro-control strict places can be washed with special cleaning agents. Environmentally friendly material, easy to recycle and naturally degradable.

3.The material is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and has good effects in actual use without any side effects.

4.The washable sticky mat can be used continuously for 1 to 2 years, saving costs.

5.Environmental,Over 5000 times washing.

4.Washable adhesive mat detailed images

washable sticky mat.JPG


ESD green mat1062.png

6.Payment terms

TT(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Paypal,or monthly statement.

Payment and delivery.jpg

7.Packaging & Delivery for silicone sticky mat

For size:300mm*300mm*5mm,10pcs/carton,Gross weight:8kgs.Carton size:35cm*35cm*8cm.

Lead Time :1-2 days

Large order by ship,Small order by air express such as TNT,FedEx,DHL etc.

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