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Silicon Sticky Roller

Silicon sticky roller
Standard size:1.2'',2'',4'',6'',8'',10'',12''
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Cleaning Dust Removal Silicon sticky roller

1.Silicon sticky roller specification

MaterialSilicone and Aluminum handle
Stable raw material,pest -free,dust-free.With use of comfortable,rotate smoothly
ApplicationCleanroom 10-10000

2.Application for silicon sticky roller

Widely used in PCB, LCD, light guide, precision printing, SMT, clean room, semiconductor and other industries, it is an ideal board surface cleaning tool.

3.Washable sticky roller Instructions

1. Correct use method: When using the sticky roller, please use the method of rolling back. (In particular, cleaning products with unevenness, such as PCB boards) can extend the life of the silicone, and can make the bracket not easily deformed and prevent the screws from loosening.

2, cleaning silicone: please wipe with anhydrous alcohol, dry or blow dry air gun.

3, can not be exposed to benzene and ester solvents (such as Tianna water, washing net water, film water, ethyl acetate, etc.), once contact, please quickly wipe with anhydrous alcohol, air gun dry.

4, every 5000 times or so, if the viscosity drops significantly, please note that this phenomenon is caused by the contamination of the rubber wheel, as follows, cleaned with anhydrous alcohol in time, placed in an oven, baked at 50 ° C temperature Bake for 30 minutes, the viscosity rises, according to this method, our company's silicone wheel has a service life of more than 60,000 times. If the conditions are not available, clean it with alcohol, wrap it with a clean packaging film and leave it for 48 hours. The viscosity also rebounded.

4.Silicon sticky roller detailed images

reusable sticky roller.jpg

5.Payment terms

TT(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Paypal,or monthly statement.

Payment and delivery.jpg

6.Packaging & Delivery for washable sticky roller

For 1.2'' adhesive silicon roller

10pcs/carton,carton size:30cm*30cm*40cm.Gross weight:5kgs.

Large order by ship,Small order by air express such as TNT,FedEx,DHL etc.

Lead Time :

Quantity(Pieces)1 - 500>500
Est. Time(day)1-2 daysTo be negotiated

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