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Washable Sticky Mat

Washable sticky mat
Standard Size:18"x36",24"x36",26"x45"
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Silicon washable sticky mat for for medical and cleanroom

1.Washable sticky mat specification

●Material:Silicone with polyurethane gel

●Standard Size:18"x36",24''x36'',26''x45”(other sizes can be customized)

●Thickness 3mm or 5 mm

●Color: blue
●Usage: medical,cleanroom and others
●Type: Reusable washable adhesive mat

●Environmental,Over 5000 times washing

●Easy and convenient to clean

●Heat Resistance:  -22℃ to 176℃ F (-30℃ to 80℃)

●Approx. Load Resistance:  up to 800lb/in²  (363kg/in²)

●Tensile Strength: 200 lb/in2   (91kg/in²)

●Tear Resistance:  175 lb/in²   (80kg/in²) 

2.Silicon washable sticky mat features

Silicone sticky mats, also known as cleanable sticky mats, are mainly used to control the dust of the soles of workers and the bottom of small wheels to prevent them from being brought into the clean workshop or production control area to achieve the purpose of controlling cleanliness. This product is beautiful and elegant, has good dust-stick effect, convenient and quick cleaning, small investment and long service life. It is the best product used in the world to control the flow of people and logistics to adhere to the ground dust.

Cleaning roller (cleaning wheel), sticky wheel, dust removing roller is a self-adhesive dust removing product, which can quickly remove tiny particles, impurities, fibers, copper scraps, dust, etc. generated during the production of various electronic products, thereby improving electronics. The yield of the product. Used in conjunction with sticky paper, it can ensure the self-adhesiveness of the rubber wheel is effective for a long time.

3.Washable sticky mat detailed images

washable sticky mat.JPG4.Certificates for reusable sticky floor mat

ESD green mat1062.png

5.Payment terms

TT(Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union,Paypal,or monthly statement.

Payment and delivery.jpg


1. Correct use method: When using the sticky roller, please use the method of rolling back. (especially cleaning products that are uneven, such as PCB boards)

2. Cleaning silicon sticky mat: please wipe with anhydrous alcohol, dry or blow dry air gun.

3. Can not be exposed to benzene and ester solvents (such as Tianna water, washing net water, film water, ethyl acetate, etc.), once contact, please quickly wipe with anhydrous alcohol, air gun dry.

4.Every 5000 times or so, if the viscosity drops significantly, please note that this phenomenon is caused by the contamination of the rubber wheel, as follows, cleaned with anhydrous alcohol in time, placed in an oven, baked at 50 ° C temperature Bake for 30 minutes, the viscosity rises, according to this method, our company's silicone wheel has a service life of more than 60,000 times. If the conditions are not available, clean it with alcohol, wrap it in a clean packaging film and leave it for 48 hours. The viscosity also rebounded.

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