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ESD Tape

Antistatic Clear Grid Tape

Antistatic Clear Grid Tape
Color:Black grid clear
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ESD Antistatic Clear Grid Tape

1.Antistatic Clear Grid Tape parameters


Application:Anti-static tape is widely used in the electronic industry for PCB board, components, plastic parts fixed, sealed surface electrostatic protection. Anti-static tape is a very practical and valuable product that, if fully applied, can help various industries greatly reduce the electrostatic hazard.

2.Anti-static clear grid tape detection

The temperature and humidity conditions during the test were: temperature: 23 ± 3 C, relative humidity: 40% - 60% ± 5%.

Separation voltage test

Ground the grounding cable of the static voltmeter and fix the sample to be tested on the tape support.

Quickly tear the tape and bring the voltmeter close and secure the sample to be tested on the tape support.

Separation voltage standard: determined according to different EHA levels, level 1 <100V level <2000V.

3.Antistatic Clear Grid Tape 

How to choose high quality anti-static tape?

Antistatic tape is applied to electrostatic safety workstations, which produce only a very low level of static charge even in a 10% relative humidity environment. This new type of tape, when moved over stainless steel, does not generate more than 50 volts of charge, effectively preventing electrostatic discharge from damaging sensitive electronic components in the production environment.

1. If the antistatic tape itself has a sour smell and the taste is very strong, the tape has a very poor adherence force, especially in a low temperature environment, and the basic sticking on the carton will crack, because the glue is uneven, the tape appearance Cracks will occur, and the probability of such anti-static tape breaking is very high. Generally, inferior antistatic tapes are dark in color because of poor strength.

2. Under normal circumstances, the whiter color of the anti-static tape indicates that the less impurities, the normal adhesiveness can be ensured. The anti-static tape below 100 meters has a certain transparency to see the paper tube. The yellow tape looks at the irregular appearance of the white surface of the tape, and the imprinted with impurities or glue is not smeared by hand. This product generally has an odor.

3, due to the film thickness, the anti-static tape that feels hard film is generally poor, the actual number of meters will be reduced. Good antistatic tapes are softer and have good tensile properties.

4.Images display

5.SGS and CE certificates

Certificates for esd tape.jpg

6. Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Also accept monthly closing.

7. Packing & Shipping

Standard Export Package or As your requirement!

For tape width 48mm, usually use packaging with 6 roll per pp bag, each roll with a release paper, 36 rolls/ctn.

Lead time:Usually is 1-3 days after order confirmed for qty <1000rolls.

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