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ESD Shoes

Anti-static Esd Shoes

Anti-static esd shoes
Color:White,Pink,Blue,Red,Brown,Grey,Brown etc
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Anti-static esd shoes


1. Anti-static esd shoes Specifications

Products Name:esd shoes,Anti-static shoes

Colors: Blue, Red, Brown, Grey, White etc

Cover Material: Canvas or PU leather

Sole material: SPU, PU, PVC

Voltage: <100v

Size: 34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48

Type:Mesh,Four holes 



2.Why to wear anti-static esd shoes?

The main reason is that the anti-static shoes have a weak conductive function, so the static electricity accumulated on the human body can be introduced into the ground through anti-static shoes. The insulating shoe is made of an insulating material that is not conductive, and the shoe separates the person from the earth so that even if the person touches the conductor, no accident occurs because the current flows through the body into the ground. Anti-static shoes can be worn by most people, especially in the northern regions. In the winter, the air is dry, and static electricity is easily accumulated on the human body. Wearing anti-static shoes can prevent people from being attacked by static electricity.

3.The function of anti-static shoes

The function of anti-static shoes is shown in the ability to attenuate static electricity to a safe range within a certain period of time. This safety value is the standard value of safe production and will not cause any harm to the product. This is the process of static elimination and anti-static The principle of shoes is also based on this standard. Anti-static shoes can direct static electricity from the human body to the earth, thereby eliminating static electricity from the human body and effectively suppressing the dust generated by people walking around in a clean room.

4.ESD Shoes detailed images

02(1).jpgblue esd shoes.jpg





6. Application for ESD Shoes:

Suitable for assembly and inspection areas in electronics and semiconductor plants

Should use together with ESD garment or ESD smocks or ESD uniforms

7. Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Also accept monthly closing.

esd products payment.jpg

8. Packing & Shipping

Packing Detail: 50pairs/carton, Carton size40cm*30cm*40cm. Gross weight: 25kgs.

Shipping Way: By air express for small order

                        By ship for large order.

esd products delivery.JPG



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