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ESD Pu Leather Slipper

ESD pu leather slipper
Material:PU leather
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ESD pu leather slipper

1. ESD pu leather slipper details

Colors: Blue,Black, White esd slipper etc

Material: PU

Voltage: <100v


ESD reading: 10E6-10E9OHM

The new SPU material anti-static one (Lianbang) molding slippers, the product has the PU material feel and super anti-slip effect and high elasticity and anti-fatigue effect, the toe sole has very good toughness, very resistant to wear and tear, with Three not four characteristics: no dust, no dust, no bleaching, can be cleaned, special anti-slip, wearable, anti-static, and fashionable, complete color, light and soft, comfortable and convenient, easy to clean, dry Fast, the anti-static performance of this shoe is stable, the surface resistance is always maintained between 10 and 10 to the 9th power of 10, and the sole does not leave any trace on the floor, which is a preferred economical and practical shoe.

2.Scope of application

Suitable for electronic workshops, dust-free workshops, purification workshops and semiconductor plant assembly and inspection areas.

3.Instructions for use:

1. Anti-static shoes are protective shoes that eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in the human body and prevent electric shock from currents below 250v.

2, anti-static shoes should not wear insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles when wearing, prohibit anti-static shoes when used as insulated shoes.

3, the place to use anti-static shoes should be anti-static ground, the place to use conductive shoes should be conductive ground.

4, anti-static shoes should be used with anti-static clothing, pay attention to the product's clean, waterproof, moisture-proof.

4.Pictures display for esd slipper


5.Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Monthly closing.

ESD slipper1066.png

6. FAQ

1) What are the classifications of anti-static slippers?

According to different materials, it can be divided into: leather slippers, cloth slippers, PU slippers, SPU slippers, EVA slippers, PVC slippers, leather slippers, etc.

The principle is: by wearing anti-static shoes and anti-static ground, the static charge of the human body is directed from the human body to the earth, thereby eliminating the static electricity of the human body.

2) How to choose anti-static slippers

  • Anti-static SPU bottom slippers have the feel of PU material, but the price is lower than that of PU, and has the effect of super anti-slip and high elasticity and anti-fatigue. The toughness of the sole is very good, and it is resistant to wear and tear. It does not drop debris, does not dust, does not decolorize, is light and soft, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean. The most important point is that ESD static discharge performance is very stable, which is one of the necessary anti-static equipment in the production workshop in summer.

  • Remind our customers that you must choose a slightly larger one when purchasing anti-static slippers, because the size of slippers is generally small, and everyone in daily life has a deep understanding. I hope everyone remembers, so as not to return the goods. It is inconvenient.

7. Packing & Shipping

  • Package:50pairs/carton,carton size:40*50*40cm.Gross weight:25kgs.

  • Delivery:1-2 days for qty 1000 pairs.

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