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Anti Static Bag

Anti static bag
Surface resistance≤10e9Ω
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ESD shielding bag

1.ESD shielding bag specifications

Surface Resistance
Interior Layer: <1 x 10e11 ohms
Exterior Layer: <1 x 10e11 ohms
Metal: <100 ohm
Static Shielding:<50nJ
Static Decay:<0.03S
Charge Generation:<100 volts
Physical Properties
Tensile Strength: >5500 psi MD/TD
Light Transmission: 40% +5%
Puncture Strength:>12 lbs.
Thickness:3.0mils +8%
Chemical Properties:
Meets standard of RoHS,No Halogen

2.Anti static bag applications

  • ESD shielding bag is mainly for packaging of various PCB, electronic components modem, CD-ROM, etc.

  • Anti static shielding bag is widely used in electronics, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration industry.

  • Clean rooms, labs, electronic, semi-conductor industries

  • Surgical rooms, and any other dust/ dirt free environment

3.ESD shielding bag detailed images

esd clear bagesd shielding bag (3)esd shielding bag testing picture.jpg

4.Producing pictures for Anti static bag

esd bag production line.jpgESD BAG

5.Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union,ETC.

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6. FAQ

1)What size do you have for the esd shielding bag?


Any other sizes can be customized.

2)What's the methods for detecting anti-static shielding bags?

  •  It is a test method for external resistance, and the external surface resistivity is less than 1.01012 Ω. This method can only test the external and external resistance of the anti-static packaging bag, and the external resistivity is 1.0105Ω~1.01012Ω. It is not a test for the shielding layer of the anti-static packaging bag, so the test results can not reflect the performance of the electrostatic shielding of the anti-static packaging bag, and the test results are different from the shielding performance testing requirements.

  • It is a static induction peak voltage test method, which is a method for measuring the external resistance of the measured peak voltage as an indicator. The quality of the material is identified by measuring the external resistance of the data.

7.Packing & Shipping

Packing: 1000pcs/carton box,Carton sizes and Gross weights are determined by your sizes.

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