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Antistatic Ball Pen

Antistatic ball pen
Refill ink color: Black, blue, red.
Payment Term: Paypal, T/T, Western Union.
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Antistatic ball pen with blue,black,red color

1.Antistatic ball pen specifications

●Product name:ESD ball pen,ESD pen,ESD ball point pen


●Surface resistance: 105-109 Ω.CM

●Static decay time: 1000V/100V less than 1.0S

●Body color for ESD pen:Black

●Refill ink color: Black, blue, red

●Friction voltage: less than 30V

●Color: black / red / blue

●ESD permanent ball pen(Not esd coating type)

●Usage:widely used in static sensitive areas, can be used to purify the environment (microelectronics, biology, medical, etc.)

2.Anti-static pen features: 

●Economical and durable and many other advantages. It can greatly reduce the damage rate of electronic products in the production process, reduce the cost, improve the product quality and profit; the main purpose: to eliminate static electricity.

●Anti-static products have a wide range of applications in the microelectronics industry, for large-scale, ultra-large-scale integrated circuit clean workshops, to avoid the human body moving in the workshop to generate static electricity. Computer, communication and electronic equipment manufacturing industry: used in electronic equipment production workshop ground, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communication equipment room, radio and television transmission center, power control dispatching center, transportation dispatching center, computer room, microwave communication station room, etc. Control electrostatic discharge to computer communication, all kinds of electronic equipment and damage to static sensitive devices, to prevent damage inside computer memory and electronic equipment.

3.Hazards caused by electrostatic attraction (ESA) or static electricity:

(1) Electronics industry: Adsorption of dust, causing contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, greatly reducing the yield.

(2) Film and plastic industry: film or film is not wound up; film, CD plastic disk is contaminated with dust, affecting quality.

(3) Paper-making printing industry: paper winding is not uniform, overprinting is not allowed, serious suction, even paper bonding, affecting production.

(4) Textile industry: causing damage to the roots, broken flowers, broken yarns and so on.

4.Detailed Images for Antistatic ball pen

esd anti static pen.jpg


5.Payment Methods

Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Also accept monthly closing.

esd products payment.jpg

6. FAQ

1) Is it ESD permanent Anti Static ESD Pen?

Yes, ESD pen's ESD permanent can last very long. It's ESD permanent.

2) What color do you have for esd ball pen INK?Can we only buy refills?

Yes,Of course.Colors are Black, Blue, Red

Up to now. We only have black and White color for your choose.

3)How do you pack the Antistatic ball pen?

By box or ESD shielding bag.Check the packing picture below:

7. Packing & Shipping

Packing Detail: 50pcs/box,20 box/carton.

Carton size 35cm*20cm*20cm.

Gross weight:15kgs.

Shipping Way: Small order by air express, Large order by ship.

Delivery Time: 1-3 days

Payment and delivery.jpg

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