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ESD 11 Holes Holder

ESD 11 Holes holder
Size:A4,A3 and customized
Color available:Clear
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ESD 11 Holes holder

1.ESD 11 Holes Holder Specifications

Name:ESD Document Wallet/Holder

High transparency, permanent anti-static

Material composition:ESD PP

Single layer thickness: 0.08mm

Dimensions: A4 (305mm*235mm), A3 (435mm*305mm)

Static decay time: 1000V-100V less than 1.0S

Surface resistivity: 10e6Ω~<10e9 Ω (tested at a temperature of 22°C/humidity 65% humidity)

Friction voltage: less than 100V

Meets the standard: IEC-61340-5-1

2.ESD 11 Holes Holder Function

ESD 11 Holes Holder itself has an ESD LOGO, which obviously means that the product is anti-static.

Note: The anti-static effect of this product is not anti-static liquid treatment, and the temperature and humidity of the environment need to be measured during the test.

ESD 11 Holes Holder is suitable for storing documents and documents in EPA areas. On the left, there is an ESD warning sign along the yellow side and it is made of permanent antistatic material PP. Available in A3 and A4 sizes. We're also able to provide ESD card holders, ESD binders and ESD mouse ,ESD keyboard,ESD table mat,ESD grid curtain and other ESD products.

2.ESD 11 Holes Holder Usage:

For the collection of documents on anti-static workshops and dust-free workshops. Operation procedures for loading procedures, work instructions, etc.

Widely used in clean room, purification plant, light power plant, LED factory, PCB factory, electronics factory, electrical plant electronic equipment, wafers, LCD / LCM / LED, optoelectronics, chip semiconductors, laser heads, pharmaceutical chemicals, precision instruments , Health care equipment, microelectronics industry, aerospace, military industry, electronic components, optoelectronic products, electronic devices, liquid crystal products, optoelectronic integrated products etc.

3.A4 esd files holder detailed images

A4 esd holder.jpgAnti-static holder.jpg

4. A4 esd holder,Anti-static document holder Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union,Cash......

5. FAQ for esd document bag

1)How long have you manufacturing and exporting esd products?

More than 10 years.We have our own factory producing esd mat,esd pvc curtain,esd stationery!

2)What's the life span for ESD 11 Holes Holder?

More than one year,Anti-static function won't go down.

3)Why is We need esd products?

Harm of static electricity:Electrostatic discharge occurs very quickly with high intensity, and usually generates a powerful heat to melt the internal circuitry of the semiconductor chip. Under the electron microscope, the appearance looks like a small bullet hole to the outside, causing prompt and irreversible damage. However, only one-tenth of this hazard occurs during the post-zui testing. What's more serious is that in the other 90% of cases, the electrostatic damage only causes partial degradation, which means that the damaged components can pass the test without any notice, but only after the finished product is delivered to the customer, there is a premature on-site failure. The result is that if Zui loses its reputation, it will compensate a manufacturer for any manufacturing defects, and the economic loss will be considerable. The electrostatic hazard is so great, so it's important to say that ESD protection is not a business, and it must be done.


6.Anti-static document bag Packing & Shipping

Packing information:100pcs/pack,10packs/carton.

Carton size:40*30*40cm

Gross weight:20kgs.

Delivery:Small order by Air express.

              Large order by ship.

Payment and delivery.jpg 

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