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ESD Document Bag

ESD document bag
Color available: Clear with yellow edge.
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ESD document bag

1. ESD document bag Specifications

We're a manufacturers supply a full range of anti-static office stationery: ESD card sets,ESD hard card,ESD plastic film,ESD paper bags,ESD writing boards,ESD folders, anti-static pens, ESD scissors, anti-static mouse, ESD keyboard,ESD mouse pad, etc. 

Name: Anti-static zipper bag or ESD document bag

Material: ESD PVC

Size: A3, A4, A5

Thickness: 18C

Style: zippered, ESD logo on the surface

High transparency, surface resistance 10E7-10E9 ohms

Friction voltage: less than 100V.

2.Anti-static zipper bag features

Economical and durable and many other advantages. Can greatly reduce the electronic product in the production process of the damage rate, reduce costs, improve product quality and profit; main purpose: to eliminate static electricity.

The document bag itself has an ESD LOGO, which obviously means that the product is anti-static.

Note: The anti-static effect of this product is not anti-static liquid treatment, and the temperature and humidity of the environment need to be measured during the test.

3.ESD Document Bag Usage:

ESD Document Bag is widely used in clean room, purification plant, light power plant, LED factory, PCB factory, electronics factory, electrical plant electronic equipment, wafers, LCD / LCM / LED, optoelectronics, chip semiconductors, laser heads, pharmaceutical chemicals, precision instruments , Health care equipment, microelectronics industry, aerospace, military industry, electronic components, optoelectronic products, electronic devices, liquid crystal products, optoelectronic integrated products and other products in aerospace manufacturing, etc. field.

4.ESD stationery bag detailed images

esd A4 holder.jpgAnti-static holder.jpgesd zip holder.jpg

5. A4 esd holder,Anti-static document holder Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union,ETC.

esd products payment.jpg

6. FAQ for esd bag with yellow zipper

1) Do you have esd document holder with zipper?

Yes.With yellow zipper.

2) Is your products esd permanent?

Of course it's esd permanent.


7.Packing & Shipping

Packing: 100pcs one pack, 10 packs one box

esd products delivery.JPG

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