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ESD performance:Anti static Permanent.
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Anti-static ESD Knife

1.ESD Knife Details

●Name: Anti-static utility knife



●ESD performance: ESD Permanent.

●Surface resistance:10e6-109 OHM

●Friction voltage: less than 100V.

●Static decay time: 1000V/100V less than 1.0S

●Large Size:length 165mm, blade width 18mm

●Small Size:length 130mm, blade width 9mm

2.Features and Uses for Anti-static cutter

ESD Cutter width: 9 or 18mm. Shell flow line shape design, comfortable grip; automatic lock function, convenient and safe; stainless steel blade, high hardness and toughness, sharp and easy to use; easy to use and flexible, not slippery. It is widely used in static sensitive areas, can reduce the damage rate of electronic products in the production process, reduce the cost, improve product quality, and eliminate static electricity. Purify the environment (microelectronics, biology, medical, etc.)

3.Why should the production workshop eliminate and reduce static electricity?

Electrostatic protection and control is not only a problem of matching anti-static products, but a systematic work involving the manufacture, assembly, processing, inspection, testing, maintenance, packaging, transportation, storage and use of sensitive electronic products. All the links, and a series mode, any mistakes in the link will lead to the failure of the entire protection work. At the same time, it is also in contact with the environment in which the sensitive product is located (contact items, air atmosphere, humidity, floor, workbench, chair, processing equipment, tools, etc.) and operator dress (including clothing, hats, shoes, gloves, gloves). , wristbands, etc.) have a direct relationship, any aspect of omissions or mistakes, will lead to the failure of static protection work, and ultimately cause incalculable losses.

1. First, define the range of static sensitive areas; the company's static control procedures must be followed and implemented in this area.

2, in order to prevent the generation of static electricity and electrostatic fields, the work area must take appropriate protective measures, such as conductive flooring, conductive wax, etc.; personnel should wear static shoes with static dissipative material soles, wear anti-static clothing. In particular, the plastic material on the metal tool is not allowed in the static protection zone.

3. Always pay attention to the static safety protection area marking in the working environment. If you enter these areas, follow the company's ESD precautions, including isolating all persons or objects that may generate static electricity from the outside of the enclosure.

4.Images Display for ESD knife

ESD cutter.jpgESD knife.jpg

5.Payment Terms

Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Cash,Also accept monthly closing.

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6. FAQ 

1)Is your Anti-static cutter ESD permanent?

Yes,At least 1 years.

2) Why do we use ESD knife?

Due to the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic devices are becoming smaller and smaller, and electrons with very high integration can be mass-produced, resulting in smaller and smaller wires and thinner and thinner insulating films, resulting in higher breakdown voltages. The lower. The electrostatic voltage generated by electronic equipment during production, transportation, storage and transshipment far exceeds its breakdown voltage threshold, which may cause breakdown or failure of the device, affect the technical specifications of the equipment, and reduce its reliability. . It can be seen that static electricity is a major obstacle in the development of the electronics industry.

7. Packing & Shipping

Packing Detail: 500pcs/carton, Carton size:53cm*25cm*30cm.

Gross weight: 20kgs.

Shipping Methods: Small order by air express, Large order by ship.

Delivery Time: 1-2 days

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