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ESD shielding bag
Surface resistance≤10e9Ω
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ESD shielding bag

1.ESD shielding bag specifications

●Name:Anti-static shielding bag

●Anti-static shielding bone bags can protect electrical sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to a large extent. Their unique four-layer structure creates a hood effect to protect the contents of the bag from the electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer is made of static-eliminating ethylene to prevent static electricity from being generated in the bag. This heat sealable bag is translucent and clearly identifies the internal items from the outside. Surface resistance can reach: ≤10e8-10e9Ω.

Anti-static shielding bone bags can also print texts, patterns, trademarks, etc. according to customer requirements, without infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, to help you enhance your corporate image.

●ESD shielding bag structure: anti-static substrate (pet) / aluminized layer (shield layer) / anti-static heat seal layer (pe or pp), conventional thickness 0.075mm. Product specifications: according to customer requirements shape, size, opening, printing Custom-made content, can be folded on both sides of the flat pocket, three sides flat pocket, envelope pocket, self-adhesive bag, zip pocket

2.Anti-static zipper bag applications

It is used for anti-static shielding packaging of various PG boards, LED components (light strips, patches, lamp beads, reels, etc.), electronic components, optical drives, hard drives, sound cards, video cards and other precision electronic components.

3.ESD shielding bag detailed images

esd shielding bag.jpgesd shielding bag testing picture.jpg

4.Producing line for Antistatic shielding bag

esd bag production line.jpgesd bag film roll.jpg

5.Payment Terms and Delivery

Paypal, T/T, Western Union,ETC.

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6. FAQ

1)What size do you have for the esd shielding bag?


Any other sizes can be customized.

2)Is your ESD bag esd permanent?

Yes,Of course it's esd permanent.

3)Do you also have other esd office stationery products?

We also sell ESD pen,ESD clipboard,ESD keyboard,ESD mouse,ESD mouse pad,ESD calculator,ESD document holder,ESD bags etc.

7.Packing & Shipping

Packing: 1000pcs/carton box,Carton sizes and Gross weights are determined by your sizes.

esd products delivery.JPG

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