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ESD Soft Document Holder

ESD Soft Document Holder
Size:A4,A3 and customized
Opening:Short side
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ESD Soft Document Holder

1.ESD Document Holder Specifications

Name:ESD Soft Document Holder

High transparency, permanent anti-static

Material composition:ESD PP

Single layer thickness: 0.08mm

Dimensions: A4 (305mm*235mm), A3 (435mm*305mm)

Static decay time: 1000V-100V less than 1.0S

Surface resistivity: 10e6Ω~<10e9 Ω (tested at a temperature of 22°C/humidity 65% humidity)

Friction voltage: less than 100V

Meets the standard: IEC-61340-5-1

Applications:Widely used in clean room, purification plant, light power plant, LED factory, PCB factory, electronics factory.

2.ESD 11 Holes Holder Function

ESD Soft Document Holder can effectively release the static charge accumulated on the surface of the object, so that it will not produce charge accumulation and high potential difference; with a wear-resistant, moisture-proof anti-corrosion, economical and durable and many other advantages. Can greatly reduce the electronic product in the production process of the damage rate, reduce costs and improve product quality and profits.

ESD 11 Holes Holder is suitable for storing documents and documents in EPA areas. On the left, there is an ESD warning sign along the yellow side and it is made of permanent antistatic material PP. Available in A3 and A4 sizes. We're also able to provide ESD card holders, ESD binders and ESD mouse ,ESD keyboard,ESD table mat,ESD grid curtain and other ESD products.

3.ESD products should doregular inspection

Anti-static products and ordinary products are different, failure is not visible to the naked eye, many companies think that anti-static products are not deformed, can still continue to use without breaking, in fact, this is very wrong. In fact, although the overall ESD protection work is well done, it cannot guarantee the loopholes in the management details, and does not pay attention to the daily use supervision and effective maintenance. Many people will use the anti-static product anti-static board clamps as ordinary products to prevent them. Misuse of electrostatic products.

It is very necessary to use anti-static products correctly. We must formulate regulations and regular inspection systems for anti-static products and strictly supervise their implementation. Do not use anti-static products as ordinary products. In this way, the original effect of anti-static products will be lost. Not only will it not achieve any electrostatic protection, but it may also mislead managers into making mistakes in quality control and even irreversible. loss.

Perfect and effective anti-static system engineering should be formulated in accordance with the actual situation of different companies and different operating objects. Anti-static measures should be systematic and comprehensive. Otherwise, they may be less effective and even cause destructive reactions.

4.ESD Document Holder detailed images

ESD Soft Document Holder.jpgA4 esd holder (2).jpg

5.Payment Terms

esd products payment.jpg

6. FAQ for esd document bag

1)How long have you manufacturing and exporting esd products?

More than 10 years.We have our own factory producing esd mat,esd pvc curtain,esd stationery!

2)Do you have special price for bulk order?

Yes,10% off if qty more than 5000pcs.

3)What's the lead time for ESD soft document holder?

Lead time:1 day.Usually we have enough stocks for sell.

4)What else ESD stationery do you sell?

Anti-static office product.JPG


6.ESD Soft Document Holder Packing & Shipping

Packing information:100pcs/pack,10packs/carton.

Carton size:40*30*40cm

Gross weight:20kgs.

Delivery:Small order by Air express.

              Large order by ship.

Payment and delivery.jpg

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